Critter Crunch review

Review by Nigel Wood

Critter Crunch, by Capybara Games, is a puzzler that takes many ideas from games such as Bust a move, Zoo keeper, Tetris and Bejewelled, and adds a fresh new spin. 

The game features Biggs, who’s home is under attack from bugs falling from the trees. They may look cute but these unscrupulous insects are hell bent on attacking poor old Biggs and running him out of town!

The game features 3 types of bug, small, medium and large. Catch a smaller bug with your tongue by positioning Biggs below the bug of your choice, and tapping him. Once caught, spit the bug into the awaiting jaws of a larger bug. It takes two meals for a bug to pop, but you can speed this process up by filling one bug with a smaller bug, and then spitting that bug into a larger bug, to pop it. Chain reactions are also possible if three types are in a row, smallest first. It may sound confusing but it really is simple once you get the hang of it. 

The game is very addictive, just when you are comfortable with the skills you have learned, the game spits new challenges at you… like new power ups, such as the watermelon’s bug popping seeds, or new bug types, such as the toxic bug that can poison Biggs if left in his mouth too long.

The controls work really well on the iphone, simply slide Biggs around using the touch screen, and tap on Biggs to grab and spit. Graphics are great too, with beautifully illustrated backgrounds and sprites and cartoon style animation. The cutesy music fits this type of game well, but depending on your taste it might get on your nerves after a while. 


Presentation & Graphics: 7

The cartoon art style, with bright colours and comical animation, looks great on the iPhone screen. Simple and easy to navigate menus are a plus.


Sound: 6

The sound effects are fitting with comical popping and squelching noises, as is the music, but the happy-pop style might not be to everyone’s taste.

Gameplay: 8

Very addictive, and easy to get into with the helpful tutorials from Grandpa Biggs. If you like matching colour type puzzle games, then Critter Crunch is the game for you

Game life: 8

Plenty of levels and challenges through power-ups and new enemies. It will keep you going for a while, and the auto saving is great for pick up and play/on the go gaming


Game rating: 7/10

You can purchase Critter Crunch here: App store >

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