Creepytown Review

Creepytown is the story of a plagued village, haunted by the ghosts of it’s many dead. It’s townspeople have started disappearing and it’s people are getting frantic, so who do they call? No, not the Ghostbusters, though they would have done a great job in this little town. They hire a “Harvester,” apparently a generic grim reaper, hired to take the spirits back to the afterlife.

Your job as Harvester is to funnel the ghosts out of the town, breaking urns and taking the loot inside as you go. The little blobby ghosts are floating around, and you must create barriers to deflect the ghost in the direction you want them to go. Usually the level starts with the ghost, an inactive portal, and a bunch of urns. You must break the urns to find the glowing crosses needed to activate the portal, as well as collect the loot residing inside the cremated remains of the town’s citizens. once you have collected all of the crosses, the portal opens and you can bounce the ghost over to it to complete the level. There are a few powerups along the way as well, such as some speedy shoes, or an invincibility star to help you along. However, there are some hinderences as well such as a freezing snowflake that puts you into a deep freeze for a few seconds or the evil souls which will eat the ghost and make you lose a life.


The graphics are very clean, and the controls are responsive. The one gripe I have with the controls is a bug that I encountered a few times throughout the game where if you made a barrier that crossed itself, every so often if it was fading the ghost would go through it. It’s a very simple game that gets very challenging as the levels progress. The game should last you a while, as there are 50 levels in the story mode, it should last you a while.

The sound is pretty good, ambient noises and simple background music going in the background. Fortunately it does not fade your own music out when you start the game, which is always a good mark in my book. The sound fits the game pretty well, background music is some easygoing haunted music and the smashing urns sound like you are smashing clay pots.

Presentation & Graphics
Clean graphics and well paced game

Audio is pretty good, simple sounds that fit the game

Easy learning curve, but as you progress through the 50 levels it gets tough, some levels are a race against the clock

The game has 50 levels in the story mode, however that is the only game mode they have, so once you complete all those levels there is not much else to do

Game Rating


A solid three-star game. It will keep your fingers moving and your mind entertained for a while. Unfortunately without more to do after the story, I put it down and doubt I’ll be playing it again soon. At $.99 it is worth the price for some easygoing fun times.

Creepytown – $.99

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    doesnt look that cool

  • nom

    nice review Justin

    PS. are you a vampire?

    just asking due to picture at top ;-)

  • Justin Grubbs, USA

    no, you’re a Reaper, just looks like he’s got two incisors for teeth :-)