Create and Case iPhone 5/5S Hardcase review

Cool artworks for cool people.

You can find stores, and stalls in most malls providing printing services to let you create you custom iPhone case using your own images. The quality differs immensely between them. My boss for example wanted to get her cute cat on her case, but the service managed to stretch it out giving the cat an alien look. Even if the quality of the actual print might be good the durability can often be quite low, and the print will wear off. That is why I still think there is a demand for great quality prints using cool artwork. This is the case with the Create & Case series.

The Create & Case offers a selection of abstract artworks that cater to most people. My wife for example fell in love with the Sherbert Owls artwork. Yes we have a lot of owls scattered throughout the house, and hence it didn’t take me by surprise. Personally I prefer the cool fox motif found on the Vulpes, and laidback lion on Sunny Leo.

The base of the case is white, and lighter artworks work better. For the dark Sherbert Owls this means that the artwork is cut-off around the front in white. It does give the Mall print-service kind of feeling. For most of the Create & Case series this isn’t a problem, as most artworks feature a central piece and don’t get cut-off as clearly.
For protection this is your standard back snap-on cover with a slightly raised edge around the screen. It protects the back, and sides well against impact and scratch damage. The screen needs a screen protector to complete the protection. As the back is glossy you don’t really get any added grip.

The Create & Case series provide cool artworks that last. It is a far better solution if you want something cool instead of taking a chance on custom cases.

Final Rating


Create & Case at $24.49

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  • Jason