Crazy Test = Semi-Nude Men (video)

You know Dave isn’t complaining about it!

The folks at Tactile Games have put up a rather, well, crazy promo video for their upcoming game, Crazy Test. I have had some good hands on time with the game, which is a wariowaresque collection of zany mini-games, and I have to say this video brings forth the feeling of the game perfectly

Anyone who has played the WarioWare series of games knows the rediculous nature of the majority of activities involved. Crazy Test pulls out the stops on that craziness. Whether it’s yanking the balloons from a floating child, pulling a poor chap’s brain out through his nose, or tearing apart a teddy bear to reveal the kitty inside, Crazy Test really does provide quite a few laughs and surprises as you play. Check out the video below for some gameplay, and more importantly, half-naked developers.

Crazy Test will be out soon on the App Store.

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