Crazy Tanks, Crazy Fun?

Review by Nacho

tanks-iconCrazy Tanks is currently sitting at the top 5 in the app store, but is it for a good reason? Find out by reading our review.

The people at bootant have come up with a beautiful gaming creation. Instead of littering a simplistic game with features to make it seem more appealing, they kept Crazy Tanks simple and fun. They pretty much summarize all you need to know about the game in 4 sentences:

“CrazyTanks is insanely fun game. Drive your crazy tank by tilting your device. Shoot at enemy tanks by tapping the touchscreen. Collect yummy powerups.”

479860_3Crazy Tanks is insanely fun. The game starts quickly. You jump in, and start driving your little tank around and pop baddies. You control your tank by tilting your iPhone left, right, backwards, or forward. Usually I find tilt controls to be gimmicky or annoying but in this case it’s not only easy to control but it adds to the fun.

Your job is Crazy Tanks is to fight your way through 21 levels of enemies. After destroying all the enemies in one level you progress on to the next. The progression is well thought out, so the game doesn’t get too hard too fast. As you explore the levels you will find enemy tanks, turrets, and power ups (including health) to help you along the way.

479860The only thing I would add to make this game better would be online multiplayer. Don’t get me wrong, the game is very fun as it is, but if you could play against other people online I don’t think I would be able to put this game down. On that note, let’s move on to the scores:

Presentation & Graphics

The graphics are good, with detailed textures and bright colors. It’s not mind blowing graphics but it’s perfect for the game.


The sounds are good, but not fantastic. They are stock sounds that work well for the game. There is no music, but they get points for allowing you to play your iPod music while you play.


The gameplay is what you buy this game for. It’s frantic and fun. This game is a blast!


You can get to the end quickly, but the game is fun enough to play over again. To get a better rating here, bootant needs to add online multiplayer.

Game Rating

The game is fun and cheap. Excellent pick up and play fun. Did I also mention you can pick it up for only .99 cents?

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  • Jay

    this is currently my most played game on my iPod