Crayon Physics Deluxe Review

Bringing out your inner child – or inner crayon.

Crayon Physics is a charming rendition of the standard physics-based drawing game. Like other games in the genre, it revolves around drawing shapes and objects to help get a ball from one part of each level to a goal. It’s a simple concept that’s been done before, but Crayon Physics does it with lots of heart.

As expected, the main draw of the game is the great crayon visuals. These work very well, and the game looks great despite the childish graphics. Unfortunately, on the iPhone the framerate seems to drop when you start a new level; when the level

Many of the level designs are quite creative.

Many of the level designs are quite creative.

creatively draws itself on a blank page. The same issue happens if you draw few too many shapes on the levels themselves. Depending on what’s already in the level, this can happen a bit too fast at times.


The music in Crayon Physics, although not incredibly varied, is extremely soothing and well-produced. Like any good game music, you don’t really notice when it loops, and due to it’s mellow tones, it won’t ache your brain. There aren’t any sound effects, which is a shame. That would have added to the overall polish of the game.

The game comes with a level editor, which I thought would be really awesome. Unfortunately, it’s extremely limited, and very much a let down. I thought I would be able to make solid objects like in the main game, but it appears that’s not the

Later levels get pretty dang tough.

Later levels get pretty dang tough.

case (unless I completely missed something). When you draw things, and start the level, they all fall off the screen. There’s no tool to “pin” things up. There’s a tool to make pivots, but that’s it.

It feels like Crayon Physics may have been rushed to be released, rather than waiting to spend the proper time testing and then testing some more. It would have been great to have things like an undo button for when you accidently delete the wrong drawing, or perhaps the ability to build and submit levels online. There’s a lot of potential in this game, and for a “deluxe” version, it just doesn’t quite live up to it.



Presentation & Graphics
You feel like you’re drawing with crayons, which is great. Unfortunately, some fairly bad memory issues cause the game to go choppy quite a bit, including at the beginning of almost every single level.


Great music, no sound effects. Scribbling sounds, or sounds when shapes touch each other would have been nice. Maybe even a sound when you beat the levels? Polish guys, polish.

When it’s not lagging, Crayon Physics is both fun and challenging to play. It does a good job giving you some good ideas on how to use the physics engine in various creative ways. Later levels are very difficult, but nothing is unsurpassable.

Crayon Physics comes with 54 levels, which is a good solid amount. Unfortunately, the level editor, which would normally boost this score massively, is almost completely unusable. Once they fix that, I would love to see a community level feature.

Game Rating

For $4.99, Crayon Physics is kinda a let down, especially considering that other cheaper games like it perform much better. It’s not a bad game, but in it’s current version there are some major performance issues that need to be addressed. When these are resolved, and the level editor is fixed, the game just might be worth it’s five dollar price tag. Luckily, the game’s charm and creativity shine through, and will give you a mostly enjoyable experience despite the technical issues. Just gotta keep hoping for that update…

Crayon Physics – $4.99

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  • meek_chezv

    I saw this game but bought Touch Physics instead for some reason. must have been cos it was cheaper. its looks identical to this game.

    I notice you mention about the music being nice. Well this is the case with Touch Physics too except you definitely DO notice the loop in the music which is really annoying when you’re stuck on a level for a long time which I am at the moment.

    From what you’ve said i’m not at all tempted to buy Crayon Physics. There are other Apps I would sooner spend my money on first.