Coyote Boom Boom review

Coyotes eat chickens, and that is not good if you are a chicken farmer. This is the last time your siesta is disturbed by the sound of wings flaying, bones crunching and coyotes howling. No more Mr. Nice Guy, now you are going medieval on their asses.

Coyote Boom Boom is a 3d endless running coyote shooting game. The controls consist of two large arrows, and a fire button. To gain ammo to blast away coyotes you have to run over shotgun shells with your donkey. img_0067A tap on the fire button sends a slow volley of slugs at the fleeing coyote. It takes two hits to slow it down enough to stomp it to death. Once dead, a new coyote appears to be chased down. This goes on until you fail to avoid an obstacle, and crash straight into a tree.

As games go this is not that fun. The level of difficulty is low, and the only consumer that can find this challenging and amusing is probably five to six years old. There is no variation at all, and all you do is hunting coyotes trying to pick up ammo. After a couple of tries I was exhausted, and bored.

The presentation is quite alright with bright clear visuals. I also enjoy the one-liners our Mexican farmer spews out from time to time. As day vanes into night the game gets darker, and hence harder. There is no variation to it all though, and some sort of random actions would have been good to spice things up. The music is ok upbeat trampling coyotes to death kind of stuff.

img_0066Coyote Boom Boom comes with Game Center integration for high scores, but no achievements. There is little to no reason to play the game more than five minutes. A rather misplaced reset score button is also found on the title screen, and for some reason it is really easy to access by mistake.

Coyote Boom Boom tries to do something new with the endless running high score games, but it doesn’t work. The game is too slow, easy, boring and the shock factor of killing coyotes that actually look like cute cats goes all missing. These are minutes of my life I will never get back, and I hope I save you both time and money with this review.

Final Rating


Coyote Boom Boom $0.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Jelle Husson

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  • AnotherTim

    Aye chihuahua! No es bueno. Soy muy triste.