Cows vs Aliens review

Ever since the first episode of Southpark I have known that alien abductions are real. That probe coming out of Cartman’s behind is no joke. Agents Mulder and Scully of X-Files fame chased aliens all across America to protect freedom of mind, speech, property and infestation of the lower intestines. For some reason the aliens tend to start with bovine before moving up the evolutionary ladder to us humans. Perhaps it is the four stomachs that is better suited for probing, I don’t know. In Cows vs Aliens all I have to know is that they are here. Here to probe, abduct and spoil our future visits to McDonalds.

img_3372Cows vs Aliens is a really simple casual herding game. Your task is to herd the cows into the barn, while making sure no aliens fly inside. One alien flying saucer into the barn equals game over. The game is also over when the time is up, and to add more time you need to be one swift herder. You herd cows into the barn, and aliens off the cliffs into oblivion. The controls are well made multitouch controls that really helps you feeling in charge of the cows. Place a finger behind the cows to get a large blue circle of influence. With more fingers in play you can use up to three circles successfully to create a safe zone of herding. At times you have to sacrifice some livestock to get rid of aliens. High scores are available through Game Center, but beyond that there isn’t much content to the game.

img_3373The presentation is sparse, and limited to a small piece of land surrounded by sharp cliffs and a barn. The cows and aliens are cute, but there isn’t any animation other than what looks like a sad face when they fall off an edge. The music is nice electronic music suitable to the game, but nothing memorable. Sound effects are ok, with some nice alien ahhs when they are pushed off the cliff.

Cows vs Aliens is a fun little casual game that can drag you in like a hurricane. It does however lack content, and the one game mode available is not enough. I would have liked a zen mode with no time limit to just let me worry about the aliens. It is recommended though for excellent controls, and fun quick gameplay.

Final Rating


Cows vs Aliens $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller:  XMG Studio Inc.

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  • Nigel Wood, UK

    I’ve been to the town of Rachel, near Area 51, and there are a lot of Cows around there… I guess that’s why ;)