Costume Quest review

I have a console in my pocket, and it can truly propel games to new levels. 

The ports from console keep coming to iOS, and the boundaries of what our small smartphones can handle keep getting pushed. Costume Quest was released for Xbox 360, and PS3 in 2010. Created by DoubleFine headed by Tim Schafer who is the brain behind my personal favourite game of all time Psychonauts Costume Quest certainly had a lot going for it. I personally never really got into it on the PS3. I didn’t really think the action was suited for console, and I thought that it lacked a much needed coop mode. For iOS there is still no coop, but the gameplay is so much better suited for the small screen.

Costume Quest tells a story around Halloween staring kid of choice: girl or boy. Something bad has happened, and knocking on doors for candy might kill you. To stand a chance against evil grubbins you have to find new costumes, and collect candy to upgrade your stats. There are always a lot of quests going on, but most of them generally include running around fetching items or finding missing kids. If the quests had been handled in succession the game would soon have felt mundane, but thankfully you can tackle several at a time when running about.

The controls are simple with a touch to move scheme. You can either hold the screen to get your kids to follow, or tap to move just a bit. For the most part the controls work well, and it is just at a few occasions where you have to race that they can be a bit of a let-down. Once you enter a battle standard RPG action ensues with the addition of timing added to attacks, and defence.

The presentation is great with fun characters, and a whole lot of humorous animations. I would have liked some voice acting, as the small texts are kind of hard to see on the small screen of the iPhone 5/5S. Some of the backgrounds can be a bit muddy, and the colour palette goes in brown and grey to a great extent. I had to crank up the brightness a lot to get a better less grimy experience.

There is quite a lot to explore, and you get a console game at a bargain. There are some issues with uneven difficulty levels of enemies, and a bit too much running around randomly. Grinding is not possible, and hence you can run into really hard battles if you have avoided any of the enemies in the earlier parts of the game.

Costume Quest showcases yet another successful port from console to iOS, and that at a bargain price. With the addon Grubbins on Ice available as a $1.99 DLC there is definitely value here.

Final Rating


Costume Quest $4.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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  • Nekkedsnake

    i’m playing this right now on my 4S and it crashes every so often. once when i was just loading it, and another when getting to the first house. the third time it crashed i was about to face the first boss. im surprised it crashes this often.