Cosmo review

From the App Store description of Cosmo:
“Imagine you got in your hands the power to open a door to the infinity of the universe, the power to immerse yourself and discover even the last corner of all that exists, the known and unknown.
Dare yourself to live an immersive experience that will lead you to conquer even the confines of the cosmos, everything at the palm of your hand.”

img_0946The description sounded really interesting, but as always a description not saying anything about the game should be approached with caution. Cosmo proved to be a game that when described isn’t that interesting.
In Cosmo you have to fly your view through the circle/square/triangle of the same color as seen at the top of the screen. You do this by either dragging the view around using touch controls, or by tilting your iPhone. After a couple of missed passes you get a message saying perhaps “5 rings left”. Miss those as well and you get to the retry screen where you can retry. That is it, no highscores, no achievements and nothing to unlock.

The graphics are ok with a vibrant cosmos to travel across, and the music is pumping techno stuff straight out of Rebirth. I really enjoyed the look and sound of the game when seeing the trailer but without gameplay and reason to play no game can ever be worth spending time with. There is no coherence between anything in this game. Why if I am supposed to have opened the door to the infinity of the universe do I care about moving through colored geometric shapes in space? Well I don’t, and I don’t care about Cosmo either.img_0944 The game is uninspired, dull and pointless and I can’t recommend it to anyone. It doesn’t even work as a relaxation app as you have to move through the correct rings to progress, and the music is not relaxing at all. Give this one a pass, after all the choice is at palm of your hand.

Final Rating


Cosmo $2.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Perkatt S.A.

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  • http://none Manuel Urrego

    I liked the game.

  • katherine

    I enjoy this game a lot. It feels good when you play it. I recommended it.

  • Jaime

    Ok its true the game has some issues, but it also has it charm. I mean its true that the motivation its not as high as save the world or a princess, but the patterns look pretty cool. True that the lack of a high score is point killer but I think for a short time killer it has what it needs.

  • Nick

    I love the music! It looks great on the device, has viral consequences when playing it in front of people. Nice one! Recommended.

  • perkatt

    We would like to thank for the review.
    As the developer of Cosmo, we would like to announce that an update is on the way. There will be highscores, a combo system and a level select option.