Cordy 2 review

Some of the best five bucks you can spend.

A great original mobile game that has an even better sequel is almost unheard of, but SilverTree Media has pulled off quite a feat. Cordy passed me by for some reason, and it isn’t until I prepared for this review that I had to get into it. Cordy is a platformer drawing inspiration from all the best games of the genre. The personable characters, and some puzzles remind me of Little Big Planet, the game comes with classic platforming precision as seen in Super Mario World and there are some ultra speedy Sonic segments. What sets Cordy, and Cordy 2 apart from games such as Sonic on iOS is the fact that the pace is better suited to the format. Shorter levels, and a lot easier to grasp what is going on even when running at full speed.

The Cordy universe is filled with cool characters, and most importantly unique enemies that feel fresh and eccentric. Considering how many platformers there are out in the wild world of the App Store it is important to set it apart. Cordy does this, and everything is coated in a great polish.

Levels are generally quite short, and you should be able to speed run most of them in under three minutes each. There are Zap Drops to collect, and if you get them all you are awarded an extra star for the level. Cordy 2 manages quite well to balance exploration to find pickups, and running at full pelt. Cordy himself is an agile character that can double jump, swing and glide depending on the situation.

Enemies are introduced at a regular pace, and I really like the close up with a name and shown weak spot.  This makes it fun to beat new creatures, and unlike in most versions of Sonic I never feel cheated when I get stung. Most kills are done by stomping on the head, or other equivalent body parts.

Cordy 2 lets you play the first four levels, and a bonus level for free. Then you get to select whether you want to purchase the full game at $4.99, or live the rest of your life in misery and despair. I added that negative option to clearly state that this is a game that you don’t want to miss out on. Or rather it is better to not try it at all if you aren’t prepared to pay for the game.

Cordy 2 plays like a dream with precise controls, excellent level design and all presented in a great style. Who wouldn´t want to stomp on the evil Boogaloo?

Final Rating


Cordy 2 Free + $4.99 to get full version  Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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