Cool Bean Quick Review

It’s not flying, it’s falling in style.

Have you finally grown tired of Doodle Jump? Ah yes, you tired of it a year ago. Alright, well here’s something that takes the concept of Doodle Jump and flips it upside down… literally. While in Doodle Jump your goal is to bounce as high as you can, in Cool Bean your goal is to fall as far as you can without dying. Armed with only your jetpack, along with limited fuel that refills over time, you maneuver your little “Bean” by tilting the device back and forth. There are spiked floors, ice blocks that give away, monsters that fly back and forth, and a neat power up that fills the bottom of the level with liquid to keep you from dying for a short time.

The big twist of Cool Bean, and a welcome one, is that the game does not end when you fall through the bottom of the screen and “die”. Instead, you appear in an afterlife world where you must fall until your reach a rainbow. At this point, you then respawn back into the normal level, your score preserved, and continue falling. While the “death world” doesn’t offer much more than a change of color, it feels good to have a second chance after dying. This can turn into many other “second chances” if you die and recover many times. I died five or six times on my way to the top of the OpenFeint leaderboards (don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be dethroned soon enough!), and was able to get back into the game all but the last time. If you die in the afterlife level, you’re done.

Cool Bean is a solid little time-filler game that provides a cute twist on popular jumping games on the App Store. While it certainly becomes challenging as you progress, it’s much more forgiving than games like Doodle Jump, and leans a bit more on the casual side of the genre. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s one of the better games I’ve seen from “one-man” developer teams on the App Store, and is certainly worth a buck to get some quick entertainment while you’re out and about.


Cool Bean – $.99

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