Connext review

Warning! Connext is the kind of casual game that can steal all of your time. You might forget about such basic human needs like food, water and basic hygiene. Connext is also the kind of game that can be a total bore to you, and you may feel that you have wasted two bucks.

In Connext you have to connect loops to create spans that can be removed. You get to work with one piece at a time placing it anywhere on the hexagonal grid. If you manage to keep a span in the same colour you get more point, but it is really hard. img_0500There are blue, yellow and red pieces. At times you even get to rotate the pieces before placing them. Once dragged to the board you can’t rotate it anymore. There is a limit to the number of available tiles, and you have to clear spans to get more to play with. Once out of tiles you get the chance to create overlapping spans building above the originally placed pieces. When you can’t make anymore spans the only option left is to forfeit the game.
Connext has a simple presentation, but at the same time it feels polished. There is no music, and the sound effects are quite sparse. You can listen to your own music while playing.

Connext is what you make of it. It can either be all consuming or not worth playing at all. If you enjoy the premise of creating spans out of random pieces at your own pace it is great. If you want a explicit challenge it has nothing to offer. The challenge in Connext is what you want it to be. If you want to create a large blue span, and feel that it is important to do so you will be easily immersed.
img_0465The lack of online leaderboards, and achievements hurt the game for those into chasing high scores. It only supports local leaderboards for the three available difficulties.

If you enjoy casual puzzles where the challenge is more about personal goals than external rewards you will definitely enjoy Connext. To me personally it is a bit too casual, and I want some kind of overt challenge. Fans of the Rubik’s Cube will probably feel right at home. The final rating is trying to reflect a middle of the road kind of stance keeping track of the quality of the game and features available.

Final Rating


Connext $1.99
Version: 1.o1
Seller: Joshua Nadelberg

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  • josh nadelberg

    You can overlap spans at any point in the game, not just once you are out of tiles. I should probably clarify this in the instructions! Thanks for the review