Combination Quick Review

Review by Dave LeClair

comCombination is an interesting little puzzle game. It’s very challenging and it really makes your brain tired, or maybe I’m just not that smart. (Awaits the resounding chorus of everyone agreeing that I’m not that smart.) Is combination a great game worth your time and money? Read on the find out.

comb2So in Combination the idea is place all the pieces on the board. Sounds simple enough right? Well the twist is that all the pieces have lines coming off them and these cast a line across the board in the direction the arrow indicates. You can’t put a piece in the path of a different color. It gets very hard as you get farther along into the game. It’s a decent looking simple game, however the menu system is weak. It’s just generic text, like browsing your iPod music selection. It’s not a game breaker, but it would have been nice to see the developer put some nicer looking menus in the game. This seems more like a $.99 game than a $2.99 game. It really is a good game, but I can’t justify telling anyone to spend three bucks on it. While it’s challenging and fun, they need to rethink their pricing, or add more depth.

Presentation and Graphics:

The game is decent looking and all, but there is no menu to speak of which really brings the look down. It’s just text based menus that look like you are browsing you music on the iPod. The actually gameplay looks decent enough, but very simple.


N/A (no sound)


I really had a good time with the game. It’s a fun challenging puzzle game. It’s what I like to call a brain fryer. After a few hours with the game I felt like my brain was a pile of mush, and I loved it.


There’s not a lot of depth in the game but it is a lot of fun. From a value proposition, there just isn’t enough here to make it worth buying, and it’s a game you’ll most likely play for short periods of time.

Game Rating

The game is a lot of fun and it’s very challenging. However, based on what the game offers and the price of the game, it’s just not a good value, if the price dropped to $.99 I could easily recommend it. (Mystery link!)

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  • Chris Jefferson

    Hi, the author of Combination here!

    Right now (I’m not sure for how long, depends on sales), Combination has been reduced to $.99! Can I quote you as saying you “could easily recommend it”?