Coloreez Review

Review by Matt Dunn

Looking for a unique board game experience for the iPhone that you and up to seven of your friends (on your iPhone) can play together on the go? Coloreez is NOT another match-the-color puzzle game, as the name might imply. Rather, it’s a very well-produced and fun game that does almost everything right.

Coloreez is one of those simple-but-brilliant games that is both easy to learn, and fun to play. The game

They are jumping from the center square to the 4 squares on each side. Make sense now?

They are jumping from the center square to the 4 squares on each side. Make sense now?

comes with 10 game boards, that are made up of squares. At the beginning of the game, you and your opponent(s) take turns placing Coloreez on the squares one at a time. You can pile up to 4 Coloreez on a square. However, when 4 are stacked up, each Coloreez will jump to the 4 squares attached to the sides of the current square. They then replace the color of the Coloreez on the squares they are jumping to. This is very strategic, since you can set up massive chains where one square with 4 Coloreez launches them to corresponding squares that have 3. When this happens, the 3 becomes 4, and then THAT square launches those 4 out to other squares. Make sense? See the screenshot on the right if you’re confused!

As stated above, there are 10 levels that come with the game. Some of these levels have holes in the middle, so if a square of 4 Coloreez goes off next to it, one of the Coloreez will fall through the hole. The same goes with squares next the sides of the board. Many of the boards are quite large, but the developers saved themselves by including simple pinch and move functions to easily adjust the game board to the size you want. There are so many games out there that should have this feature, but don’t.

When playing the AI, it’s very forgiving on the easy setting, and extremely difficult on hard. But honestly, the bread and butter of this game is the ability to play against up to 7 human players on one unit. It’s a “play-n-pass” style of multiplayer, which isn’t preferred to online/wi-fi play. But for a game like this, it works out. I found it easier to set the iPhone on a table like a gameboard, with the players around it, tapping where they

Pinch to zoom in/out on the board.

Pinch to zoom in/out on the board.

want to place their Coloreez. It was a lot of fun, and you’ll find that the game can very quickly sway someone from being completely in the lead, to last place! I would love to see at least local wi-fi multiplayer for this game in the future.

Along with the great controls and viewing features, Coloreez looks really good! The game looks simple and colorful, with smooth animations. The little Coloreez guys are so cute, that I almost feel bad for causing some of them to jump off the clouds! :( Unfortunately, the music is a looping track that seems like it’s about 20 seconds long. The sound is very light, and fits alright.

Coloreez is a very casual play-what-you-want kind of game. All the levels are available to you right at the beginning, and there is a nice “quick game” option that lets you jump right into a game with a random level, and a random number of AI opponents. The game does an excellent job of saving you game if you quit/receive a call, and there is a fair amount of options in your iPhone’s settings menu. It should also be noted that the tutorial is excellent, and will get a novice player (like me) playing in minutes.

Presentation & Graphics

Very clean. Very professional. Nothing bad to say at all. Cute little Coloreez are cute! :)


Leaves something to be desired. Music is one short loop. Sound effects are acceptable.


Awesome. This game is challenging, and extremely easy to pick up! It’s similar to Othello, in that the tide can change back and forth between you and your opponents so quickly! It’s fun to prep chains, but heart-breaking to make a mistake, and watch your enemy change the color of all your squares!

Game life:

There is a high score system in Coloreez, which definitely a must for games these days. However, the main reason for coming back to this game will be to beat the challenging AI, and with your friends when your’re on the road, or hanging out with nothing to do! Could definitely use some multiplayer to round out an almost complete package.

Game rating:

Final word:

Coloreez is how casual games should be done on the iPhone. Developers, observe this game! See the in-game tutorial? See the pinch and swipe view controls? See the clean and professional graphics? See the local multiplayer? Coloreez will not dissappoint, and will certainly remain on my iPhone for a while. Here’s hoping it can be updated with some online/wifi multiplayer so I can lay the Coloreez smack-down without other people’s grubby fingers on my pristine iPhone display!

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