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At times the simple games are the most enjoyable. Rolling out a roll of paper to cover some dots is about as simple as it gets. The paper you roll out has different color to the two sides, and you have to make sure the correct color covers the dots. The App Store description does a better job explaining the game play than me:
“– Move a paper strip over a dot of the same color to collect it.
– Collect all dots to complete a level.
– Empty dots don’t count.
– Fold a paper strip to change its direction.
– Horizontal paper strips are darker, they underlie the vertical ones.
– You can’t collect a dot on a corner of a paper strip.
– You can’t fold a paper strip on top of another.
– If a dot is covered by two paper strips, it needs to share its color with the one on top.”

img_0378I started playing the lite version first, and had to upgrade right away to the full version. Colorbind is a tactile relaxing puzzler in the vein of Zen Bound and Zwirn. It is a bit more demanding as a puzzler though, and already on the medium level I need to combine trial and error with puzzle solving. The game is touch controlled, and it is easy to get the paper to behave the way I want it to.

With 84 puzzles across three levels of difficulty you get a lot of time out of Colorbind. Achievements and statistics tracking further enhance the value. When doing a puzzle you don’t have any other challenge than solving the actual puzzle. No timer and no limits to the number of ways you move the paper around. For some reason though the game turns out to be highly addictive, and it keeps putting up challenges in a good progression. New levels are unlocked as you solve the current one.

img_0379The presentation is clean and minimal with realistic looking paper against an off white background. There is no music, and only some basic sound effects. You can listen to your own music if it is on before starting the game. In game iPod library access would be appreciated in future updates.

I have had hours of fun paper puzzling with Colorbind. It is perfect for both shorter breaks, and longer sessions. Definately worth the price asked. Judging from the screenshots the game might look bland, but try the lite version before you dismiss the game.

Final Rating


Colorbind $1.99
Version: 1.o
Seller: Daniel Lutz
Colorbind Lite

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