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I hate games that make me feel stupid, I really do. What I love on the other hand is when that same game also makes me feel like I am the direct descendant of Einstein and Newton. Collider the Game is such a game that first smashes my intellect to pieces just to strengthen it a minute later.

There is no shortage of physics puzzlers for the iPhone, and to me they generally have the same problem. They are either too easy or too much about trial and error. The easy aspect is the worst for me, as it just makes the game a waste of time not having to use my mind enough. Trial and error becomes really boring, and feels random. What Collider the Game manages to do for a mere buck is actually challenging me, and forcing me to think instead of going by trial and error. The game counts how many times you have retried the solution, and the aim is of course to keep it down to as few as possible.

img_0232The controls are really straightforward. Touch a particle ball, and drag it into the position you want it in. Once all the balls have been placed according to your thoughts of the solution you press play to set the balls in motion. You also get rewind and fast-forward controls that helps you go back, and forth making adjustments. The aim of the game is to clear each level from positive and negative particles. When two of the same particles meet they combine into a larger particle.

The levels are quite varied ranging from rolling balls down pipes to using seesaws and sensors controlling gears. Each level has an own challenge, and an own solution. It is not the case of just playing incrementally harder levels of the same type. The game comes with 56 levels, and you have to clear a set of levels to unlock the next set. At times it is good to go back replaying levels when stuck to find out what you are missing in the puzzle you are stuck at.

The graphics could do with a bit of an overhaul, especially the particle effects lack punch and seems to be the same animation all the time. img_0233The graphics is still ok for the game, but knowing how good pipes and gears can look after playing Cogs it has a lot of room for improvement. The music and sound effects are ok. Not memorable ambient electronic music but not annoying either. You get the choice of sound options when booting up. When I had music playing it still kept playing my music alongside the selected game music.

Collider the Game is definitely a nice physics puzzler with some great level design that is both challenging and rewarding. It lacks online functionality, and 56 levels might not sound like much. Still it takes several hours solving them all, and it is definitely worth the price asked. I recommend Collider the Game to anyone into physics puzzlers, and games such as The Incredible Machine.

Final Rating


Collider the Game $0.99
Version: 1.o
Seller: Dan Russel-Pinson
Collider the Game Lite

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  • Dan Russell-Pinson

    Just wanted to let you know that version 1.2 of Collider is now released with 14 new levels including a new sensor that turns everything upside down. This brings the total number of levels to 70.

    Leaderboards and achievements are coming soon!