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Coin Drop! is one of those casual games that you got to have on your iOS device. Alongside Peggle, Tiny Wings and Cut the Rope it is both a perfect five minute game, and a great four hour marathon game. Now I have recommended it beyond any shadow of a doubt, but still the review has to be more than one paragraph. What is left to say? Well there are some negative aspects to Coin Drop! that have to be mentioned.

img_3878Starting with the gameplay Coin Drop! is exactly what the name implies. You drop coins from the top of the screen. The coins bounce about, and finally end up in one of five buckets below. To complete a level, and unlock the next, you have to capture all the bad blue pennies. This is where the actual game play comes in as you aim your drops, and are able to affect them by tilting to shake them about slightly. The effect is not that obvious, and not direct. This makes Coin Drop! more a game of chance than a game if skill.

There are lasers that kills your coins, bricks to be smashed to release Girl Coins from captivity and pegs to change color on. At times the best strategy is to release one coin at a time to let it bounce about, and at others it is better to use five at a time to let them bounce off each other to reach crevices. The game is paced according to the player, and I have seen a few different approaches to playing the game. Personally I prefer one to two coins at a time, my wife uses only one, and my daughter goes for three to four. These are strategies we have developed without any discussions.

img_3881Coin Drop! comes with 60 levels that are fairly easy to beat. Still it takes several hours to attain three stars for each of the levels. Updates with new levels are promised, and those are needed to give the game a second wind. Some kind of multiplayer would also enhance the game. Online leaderboards and achievements are available through Game Center.

This is a sparkling game with loads of effects, and bright colours. It reminds me of Peggle when it comes to the presentation, and that is certainly a good comparison. Everything in the game is there to enhance the pleasure for the user. The music, and sound effects are great giving another boost of pleasure.

Coin Drop! is a marvellous casual game that keeps feeding the brain with explosions of positive feedback. The fact that the gameplay is more or less limited to luck doesn’t really matter, as it gets addictive anyway. Once the 60 levels are completed the game is over, and the wait for an update ensues. Up to that point it is great fun, and I truly recommend Coin Drop! as a game for all iOS gamers.

img_3863Final Rating


Coin Drop! $0.99 Universal for iPhone/iPod and iPad
Version: 1.0
Seller: Full Fat Productions

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