Cockroach Corral Quickie

Cockroaches are gross. No one likes them. They make things dirty and nasty, and are generally unpleasant little creatures. That being said, aren’t you excited to play a game revolving completely around cockroaches?

In Cockroach Corral your objective is to herd the little buggers into a “roach motel” (a roach killing trap). This is achieved by sliding your finger behind a large group of roaches and moving them around some disgusting environments. The challenge comes from obstacles that the cockroaches will get stuck on, and the fact that they are a large group and some of them will veer off the path if your movements aren’t deliberate and careful. The game is challenging, however I just didn’t have much fun with it. Scroll down for the score breakdown, hope the roaches don’t come for me after this…

Presentation & Graphics
This is the place where the game really shines. The environments look and feel so disgusting and dingy. It really sets the tone for a game being based around cockroaches. I feel like if if I was going to go into a house infested with roaches, this is what it would look and feel like.


The sound is very good, as well. It is very atmospheric. There are flies buzzing around, and it adds to the disgusting feel of the game.


Here’s my problem, I just didn’t have a lot of fun playing the game. It looks and sounds good, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that herding cockroaches around just isn’t all that fun. However, the controls and everything work well, so if herding cockroaches is up your alley, it may be worth checking out, I just found it boring after about 5 minutes.


Got old really quick, and there’s really only one thing to do. There’s also only 10 levels, but the game is only $.99.

Game Rating

The environments are great, the sound is very atmospheric, but the game just isn’t much fun. Still, if what I have described sounds like something that interests you, the game is technically sound, so it could be fun.

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