Cockadoodle Inc. review

Cockadoodle Inc. is a time management game where you get to expand your fried chicken franchise. Time management games usually mix equal amounts of speed and strategy, whereas Cockadoodle Inc. is more about having a good strategy, and good overview of operations.

You manage four different aspects of the fried chicken business represented by four main game screens. The first is buying, and maintaining chicken farms and feed factories. You have to make sure that the farms are free from contamination by sterilising them using special buildings. The second aspect is the chicken growth house where chickens go from eggs to full grown. Setting the correct temperature, and making sure that no contaminated chickens get served are important duties. Once full grown the chickens get thrown alive into the nugget machine. The third screen is the actual chicken shop where you have to hire and fire chefs and sellers. You also have to empty out grease from the cookers. The final screen is the city screen where you have your office, marketing department as well as other important facilities to develop.

img_0045Having four screens instead of one that most time management games for the iPhone use sets Cockadoodle Inc. apart from the rest. It also makes for some annoying jumps between screens trying to get the operation running smoothly. There aren’t many things to do for each screen, which means that you have to switch around all the time. The chef might be sleeping on the shop screen but you sit around waiting for the heat to go up in the growth house so you can turn off the heater. I don’t find this too enjoyable at all, and since the game at times doesn’t demand anything from me I set the game speed to double speed. Then all of a sudden a chef is asleep, a chicken farm is contaminated and the growth house is too cold. My question then becomes, why put a fast forward function in the game when the game wants me to sit around waiting for something to happen?

img_0047The game adds new aspects each level such as special commercial goods sold depending on weather, for example umbrellas when it is raining. I think this progression adds incentive to keep playing the game. This on the other hand stands in the way of reaching the level goals if you are inclined to try all new facilities. For example I started developing commercial campaign which meant that I lost the level because I spent too much money on commercials. There is also the casino in the city where you can earn extra cash which is a neat idea when you are low on dollars.

img_0043The main complaint about the gameplay to me is the wonky use of menus used extensively in the game. To turn on a heater you have to go into a menu, the same goes for more or less everything. In most time management games you simply tap something to change it. This is really bothering me, and slows down the game considerably. Waking up a chef should be done by poking him, and not by going into a menu to choose to wake him up.

If you are looking for a deep time management game that focuses on strategy you might like Cockadoodle Inc. If on the other hand you look for a quick casual time management experience I recommend you to look elsewhere.

Presentation & Graphics

img_0096The graphics in Cockadoodle Inc. is bright and colourful, although smaller details looks jagged and low res. At times the game feels a bit uninspired, and predictable. The still images telling the story pulls the rating up by being cool, and getting me to actually look at them even though the story in itself is a bit boring.



You either choose to have sound effects or music, not both. Strange design choice in my opinion. Still the music is boring, and more or less the same music has been heard in most casual iPhone games. The sound effects are also below par, and at times feel disconnected from the actual gameplay. The game fades out your own music, but if you do the double home button trick you can have your own music alongside the sound effects.


The touch controls work as expected, but having to jump between four different screens makes the game tiresome. Even worse are all the menus that you have to go into to make even the simplest thing such as turning on a cooling fan. At times the game doesn’t need your help, and you just stand by idle waiting for something to do.


19 levels that add new facilities and challenges, and bonus levels that are unlocked once you complete the game. Statistics are tracked, and it adds a bit of game life knowing how well you perform. You can replay completed levels to beat your best score.

Game Rating


Cockadoodle Inc. is a time management game suitable for those who thinks that games such as Diner Dash are too quick, and Sim City is too strategic. The User Interface needs refinement to make the game really enjoyable, but it is still playable and you can easily get ten hours worth of gameplay out of it making it worth the $0.99 sale price.

Cockadoodle Inc. $0.99 Sale

Cockadoodle Inc. Free

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