Coastal Defense Review

Now that the appstore has been open for business for over a year, we have seen many tower defense games come and go; from stickwars, to tap defense, and beyond. One of the newer ones to come out has put a more modern spin on things, in Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense.

In Coastal Defense, you are tasked with keeping your base safe from the invading naval vessels. You are able to build yourself some defensive turrets, mines, and utilize various strategic powers. While your initial towers may support you for a few waves, they will quickly fall before the ever growing fleet assailing you if you do not upgrade them or build more. Each defense has three levels you can upgrade to, each increasing the turret’s range and/or damage. They're not getting past!

There are also strategic powers, and as you progress, you get to upgrade those. Included are things such as double damage, range, or ammo for a time, or the ability to call up a tidal wave to capsize enemy vessels. you must use these abilities to their fullest advantage if you want to survive the attacks.

The interface is quite simple and easy to learn. tap on a tower to see the options with said tower, or tap on a button to display the powers or build options for it. There are three difficulty levels and there is a good difference between them. Also included are multiple maps to play on, giving you multiple challenges so you do not become complacent in your winning strategy. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple things I’ve noticed in this game which I love is the implementation of OpenFeint as well as their help system. OpenFeint has been getting more and more popular among games recently and is a great way to build a community and rivalry between you and your friends. The help system in this game is a series of about five videos, each covering a few different topics. This is a vast improvement over many other games with a few pictures with what to do or a couple paragraphs you can read.

The main gripe I have can be easily fixed in an update should the developers feel it best to do so. It would be a confirmation for when you place a new turret or wish to delete one. More then once I have accidentally placed a turret in the wrong spot, sealing off my route, and had to sell at a fraction of the price to continue the strategy I was working on.


Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense is a great tower defense game, and on the higher difficulty is quite challenging. This game has kept me entertained for the last couple weeks now, and I still haven’t beaten one of the maps. This game is ranking fairly high on my personal favorite tower defense game list, and I would definately reccomend it, if you are into this type of game. it’s $1.99 price tag is quite reasonable for what it offers

Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense – $1.99

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