CM 70s Legends review

I was born on a sunny day in the summer of 1977. It was a time when football was more about fun, and less about the money. It was the era of rock n’roll, and really bad haircuts. It was also the time when football gave the West a great escape from the Cold War. Now we can relive some aspects of that decade viewed from a football perspective.

Basically this is just a reskin of the excellent Championship Manager 2011. Gameplay is the same, and the menus are the same. What differs is of course the roosters giving you real name players from the seventies. Kevin Keegan, Norberto Alonso, Enrico Albertosi and Björn Nordqvist are all in the game. There are only a few leagues available, and only a few players are available to buy from teams outside those leagues. img_3240Only a few players from Brazil and Argentine are available beside the European teams. The top leagues from Spain, Italy and Scotland are available. Only England comes with all divisions. The limited players available is not a problem, as you get almost all the real life players you might be interested in getting for your team. Furthermore the limitation of data means the game is slightly quicker in simulation the events.

Beside having a stable, and really good put together game engine CM 1970s Legends comes with some cool news clippings. Getting to know what happened in the seventies is really interesting, and news range from sports to world news.

img_3241The presentation is also reskined to have a retro look, and it works really well. I actually find it to be much more enjoyable to follow games using this retro skin than the original. For some reason the brown color scheme works really well for the seventies. It would be interesting to have a sixties reskin later on as well, with some wicked colors.

If you want a history lesson while playing a game definitely consider getting CM 70s Legends. Stable management gameplay combined with a nicely designed interface makes for a good experience. Having the chance to replay, and to change history is a fantastic feeling. To me this makes CM 70s Legends the best available football manager game for iOS.

Final Rating


img_3291CM 70s Legends £1.79 Not available in the US.
Seller: Eidos Interactive Ltd / Square Enix Limited

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