Chuck the ball – Review

By Nigel Wood


Chuck the ball is  a fun little puzzle game. It features a spherical creature that resembles the official Champions League football (soccer). The object of the game is to guide your footie friend around the play area collecting stars.

chuck1When the level starts, your character will automatically travel in any given direction, should he hit a wall or the edges of the play area he’ll bounce in the opposite direction. To affect this you must lay directional pads in his path, you do this by tapping where you want the pad and then dragging in the direction you want him to go, when he rolls over the pad he’ll change direction and the pad will disappear. 

chuck2This may sound easy, and it is, at first! But later levels contain mazes of spiked walls which will pop your character, and black holes which will suck him in. Once the level starts he’s off, so you must quickly decide where you will place the direction pads. You can place as many as you like, but you will gain a higher score if you use them sparingly. As well as the obstacles, you have a time limit, and later levels feature time powerups and time removers. So you must choose the correct path if you are to collect all stars before the time runs out.

There are a total of 100 levels to unlock, 15 easy levels, 40 medium levels and 45 hard levels. You’ll have no trouble getting through the easy levels, but some medium and hard levels are real brain teasers.


Presentation & Graphics
Nothing to push the iPhone graphically, but it doesn’t need it. Cute, bright and simple is the order of the day.


A funky sound track, but it’s on continuous repeat… luckily you can turn it off. The sound effects are pretty  good, but nothing special


If you’ve played Chu Chu Rocket on the Dreamcast or GBA, then Chuck the ball will be right up your street. The controls work very well, and there’s a good challenge amongst the 100 levels.


Some of the later levels in medium and hard will keep you occupied for a while. Plus you can always replay them for a better score. 100 levels might not seem much, but for £1.79 the overall package is good value for money. I think this game would benefit greatly from a level editor, and allow users to share levels.


Game rating
Makeshift Games have created an original, fun and endearing puzzle game. If you are a puzzle fan it’s definitely worth checking out. You can pick it up here for £1.79 ($2.99)

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