Chrono&Cash review

Who is brave, or stupid enough to steal from the mob, the Vikings and the savage cavemen? And what is the true motivation?

When the first caveman picked up a small glistening rock, and fondled it like if it was as precious as a baby he gave birth to three of the first jobs in history. The whore, the banker and the thief. To some those lines of work intertwine, and especially in a recession. The whore of course wanted the trinket of gold, and gave her body as a payment, and the caveman couldn’t wait to get rid of it because well he was a man. The banker wanted the trinket to stockpile it hoping it would gain in value giving the banker more visits to the whore. The thief on the other hand just wanted the trinket for him to keep hidden until the time was right to flee to the beaches of South America. He didn’t need to pay the prostitute, but charmed her with his antics. No matter how you see it the original owner of the trinket of gold lost it, and no matter who stole it they got laid.

Cash is a thief, and even if his motives aren’t as clear as in the example above he is in it for the money(nope, he just wants to get laid but is too pretentious to admit it). Cash is doing all the heavy lifting while his robotic spherical partner Chrono helps him move between different historical periods. Chrono is kind of useless otherwise, and deserve very little of the stolen goods as reward. Why couldn’t he/she/it pause time or something? Cash doesn’t really care, as he now gets to travel all across time looking for gold, and perhaps some hanky panky later on.

Chrono&Cash is an arcade game in the old-school sense of the term. You play until your three lives are up, and then you enter your name on the high score list. What it manages to do so well is actually gripping me, hooking me and finally forcing me to play over and over again. And all the while I am having fun focusing on stealing loot on platforms. Each round has a number of treasures you have to collect. Once collected you are whisked to the next round. Each world is divided into three rounds, and the game comes with three worlds.

The game can be played in both landscape, and portrait mode. To me it is much easier to play it in landscape, but that is of course up to you. There isn’t any iCade support yet, as far as I can tell. I hope to see that in a future update, as this is one game where physical arcade controls would enhance it tenfold. Now the touch controls work really well, and you can adjust the distance between the movement arrows.

There are three missions to complete at a time in Jetpack Joyride fashion that keeps interest high. Still this is a game that just like Blast Soccer, Super Crate Box and Muffin Knight is addictive because of the simplicity. It always feels possible, and that makes it so easy to just replay over and over again.

Chrono&Cash has an in-game high score table that fills up rather quickly. Strangely enough it fails to remember me, and forces me to enter my three initials every time it is game over. The game also comes with Game Center, but I can’t find any in-game access to it.

The presentation is 8-bit graphics, a cool 8-bit soundtrack with good power to it. Overall the presentation is perfect for this kind of game, and it is a proven concept. Developer OrangePixel has an extensive range of games in this style, and the experience shows.
Chrono&Cash is a really fun game that you enter casually, but soon play compulsively. And after all the jumping, and running Cash has to do I really think he deserves some rumbling around in the hay.

Final Rating



Chrono&Cash $1.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Pascal Bestebroer

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  • orangepascal

    There is iCade support ;) that’s why there is a portrait mode to play the game  !