Chromixa review

Chromixa is a game about blending colours to solve puzzles. Sounds simple enough but it is actually brutally engrossing once you get into it. I have yet to solve all the 48 puzzles, and I don’t feel any urge to do so. Chromixa is more about relaxation, and getting into a tranquil state just rotating and moving coloured pieces.

The game is controlled by touch, and most of the time it works really well. Puzzles with lots of pieces can feel crowded as it can be hard to select the piece I want. At those times other pieces have to be moved to make way for the one I want to rotate. img_6005Once a piece is selected a circular shape surrounds it, and by dragging around this you rotate the piece. The aim of the game is to fill the shape on the screen with the same colour as the edges of the shape.

Chromixa takes me back to my childhood trying to mix the colours to get a perfect green or better yet the skin colour of family that always turned into some kind of piglet pink. The combination of colours required to mix a new colour is easy to learn again if you have forgotten. The puzzles are not timed giving you an opportunity to go by trial and error without feeling stressed out. Pausing the game gives you a view of the possible colour matches as a quick reminder.

The music is an eclectic mix of new age ambiance and slow drone bass sounds making for an enjoyable experience. Sound effects are sparse with the odd click sound when a piece is moved. You can play your own music as well.
Graphics are clean, minimal and perfect for the game. A black background enhances the focus on the colours you are mixing and matching. This minimalist approach is used to great success in all areas of the game.

img_6006The 48 puzzles are divided into three levels of difficulty, and can be played in any order. By solving puzzles you can unlock three different mini games that can stand on their own as proper games. The first you encounter lets you bounce a coloured ball by making sure it hits the same coloured surface of a triangle you rotate. A really hectic, and fun mini game with an own high score list. I can see myself playing Chromixa for quite some time, both the puzzles and the mini games offer great pickup play as well as great relaxation for hours on the train. A timed mode and online functionality would enhance Chromixa even further.

Chromixa is a great game, and took me by total surprise. It looks simple when you have just slaughtered your way trough a couple of levels of Nova or raced like a drunken delivery guy in Parcel Panic. What Chromixa offers really stimulates on another level though, and if you are looking for a casual puzzler that can also drive your synapses nuts I can recommend it without hesitation.

Final Rating


Chromixa $1.99
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Simon Watson

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  • Tim

    This almost sounds a bit like Zen Bound the way you describe it. I am seriously going to give this one some thought.

    By the way, you should really review Red Conquest! I’d love to see what your take on it is.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    It is not as kinetic or realistic as Zen Bound but it is a good comparison you make. Actually I can see myself getting much more time with Chromixa than Zen Bound in the long run.

    Matt is going to review Red Conquest. My own impression is that it has got great presentation in a definite artsy kind of way but the gameplay isn’t as involving and it is finished quite quickly. Still worth getting both for the cool art and to support a really creative independent developer.


    Camparision to zenbound eh? have to check this out.

  • Simon Watson

    Hi Torbjorn,

    Thanks for reviewing Chromixa (I’m the developer). I’m glad you could relate to the relaxing mental stimulation that I wanted it to offer.

    The next update will include online leaderboards & achievements (OpenFeint), a timed mode, more puzzles, and some cool new mini games.

    Keep up the great work with TouchGen.

  • Tim

    @ Torbjorn

    I already bought Red Conquest! but I’m surprised you didn’t find the gameplay of Red Conquest! involving. I found it moreso than Rogue Planet as it is really easy to crank the game speed up and watch it get really hectic and needing of quick planning and precision. The amount of control you are given over your units is pretty impressive to me.

    Matt, hurry up and write your review slowpoke!

  • Simon Watson

    Hey Torbjorn, I thought you might like to know that your suggestions for a timed mode and online leaderboards is now in Chromixa 1.1, along with 22 new puzzles and another mini game.