Chillingo Partners With We-R-Play To Publish DreamRunner

Are you getting sick of endless running games? If you are, DreamRunner might make you rethink that stance.

There is no shortage of endless running games available on iOS. Temple Run seemed to get the ball rolling, and since then, there has been a nonstop influx of games that involve running endlessly and trying not to die.

Like many iOS gamers, I am kind of done with the genre, but then I stumbled across a game called DreamRunner, in development by We-R-Play, via their Facebook page, and realized that there might be hope for the genre still. I have been keeping my eye on them, and now it seems that Chillingo is on board to help them publish their game.

Why should you care about DreamRunner? Mainly because it is a running game with an actual story. It is set in a fantasy world where Nito must help the god of dreams collect stray dreams.

For me, the beautiful art style and story are enough to keep my attention. Once I heard that Chillingo saw enough value from the game for it to be worth their time, I knew this game had the potential to be something special.

We will keep you posted with more news on DreamRunner as it develops. If you can’t wait for the game to hit the market, check out their website and sign up for the beta.

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  • David Grey

    The game looks promising….Cant wait to get my hands on this game

  • LR

    Endless running :(

  • OWNyte

    The game was average. I expected better production values from Chillingo. Has potential though but needs a LOT of improvement.