Chicks – review

Lemmings re-born on the iPhone is probably the best way to sum up Chicks…

You can’t help but have a Lemmings/Chicks comparison when playing this game as Chicks is heavily inspired by the Lemmings series, but instead of trying to save a mass of suicidal green haired rodents wearing purple robes you have an army of little yellow chicks wearing war helmets to guide home.

Anyone who has played Lemmings will find the controls and gameplay instantly familiar, even nostalgic in places and simple enough for any newcomer to the genre. You’re presented with a standard ‘How to Play’ screen while the game loads and is listed in the main menu so you can view the controls and overall goal but it’s easy enough to pick up on your own, so diving immediately into the game isn’t a problem for any newbie’s.

mzlwvumpjqr320x480-75The objective of the game is simple, you have a group of Chicks that drop into your screen one at a time and you have to get them home before the time runs out. Scoring is based on how many Chicks make it home safe and the time in which it’s done. To do this successfully you will have to give your Chicks the necessary skills at points during the game for them to make it unharmed. The game currently has 32 levels and after completion you’ll be hungry for more.
The Chicks interface is clear and usability couldn’t be easier on the iPhone, bar the odd occasion when you might assign an item to your chick a little too late as they bounce off a wall and they’ll perform it in the wrong direction, but other than that you can’t fault the controls. You can assign your Chicks a variety of skills, some of which are Rock Climber, Paratrooper to avoid a nasty splat after a long fall, Stepmaster for building those mysteriously convenient staircases and the devilishly delightful Nuke button that vaporizes all your remaining Chicks in an instant.

Where Chicks trumps its inspiration is allowing you to assign any mindlessly marching bird more than one skill at a time, to prevent you from scrolling back and forth across the level on the gorgeous yet small iPhone screen when there is a lot going on at the same time, that’s clever development!

mzliwljcvxq320x480-75The downside to Chicks is the music, when compared again to Lemmings. Lemmings had one of the most enjoyable soundtracks in history using different revamps of classical music for of its levels. Instead, with Chicks each level will play the same looped track that can, and will, become annoying after the first few levels and the lack of multi-tasking doesn’t allow you to play your own music whilst attempting to save these loveable hatchlings. Another feature from the Lemmings series that wasn’t replicated as I would have liked, was the 5 second countdown after pressing the nuke button. There were few things more intensely satisfying for me then pressing that nuke button when your final few Lemmings were almost home and eagerly watching to see if they’d make it in time. In Chicks you have to hold your finger on the button for 3 seconds to activate the nuke (clever really! You don’t want to set it off accidentally) then you can immediately say bye bye to your remaining troopers as they’ll explode themselves with dynamite.

Presentation and Graphics

Simple but it doesn’t need to be more.


The annoying soundtrack loop will have you turning your iPhone to silent in no time


Simple, addictive and clear


The 32 levels can be completed in 1 long sitting and once you’ve completed the available levels you’ll be wanting more.

Final Rating


Chicks is a great all round game, with no bugs that cropped up during my playtime. It’s out now for $0.99. Get it on the Chicks

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  • Austin

    Picked up the game just this afternoon, runs hideously slow on my 3G

  • Austin

    Picked up the game just this afternoon, runs hideously slow on my 3G.

  • Nigel Wood

    Unfortunatley we don’t have the time to test games on every device. We tend to all have the latest handsets to keep up with the times ;)

  • Dave

    Levels 1-31 all completed. 32 is a pig. Any tips? It’s driving me nuts