Chicken Frenzy – Review

The old saying goes, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ and it couldn’t be any truer here, because if you do, you’re likely to fail the level. Mandelform Studios recently hit the app store with it’s first iOS game, Chicken Frenzy.

I’ve been playing this for a few days now and I’m already having a clucking’ good time with it! (I’m sorry, I had too)

So what’s the aim of Chicken Frenzy?
screenshot-2-notextSimple, as with a huge array of iPhone games out there right now you are scored on a 3 Star system depending on how many eggs you save at each of the 60 available levels. As you might have guessed, this is also a physics game. Lined along the top of your screen are chickens ready to pop out eggs of different colors. However the foolish farmer has perched all his chickens too high, this means the eggs are just going to simply hurtle to the ground an smash!

This is where you, or more specifically your index finger comes in, taking the role of the sheriff, who just so happens to be an expert ropeslinger. You need to draw ropes to catch and guide all the falling eggs into their designated baskets.

Each level has only the one solution, but gives you total freedom where and how you draw the rope. This freedom allows you to take your own approach when attempting to complete the levels, the kind of freedom this genre of game doesn’t typically offer. You can draw long rope, short rope, curly rope and straight rope, what you do with the rope is completely up to you, but beware, the amount of rope you have available is limited so if you find yourself running out mid level it often means you need to rethink your strategy.

As you play through the game the difficulty will obviously ramp up and more obstructions will be introduced like moving platforms, flies that you will need to swat by tapping and frogs that eat up that precious fallen egg if it’s in range. So after plain sailing through the first handful of stages you will get challenges presented to you that make you consider your timing and call on your reaction speed more if you want to be victorious.

screenshot-4-notextChicken Frenzy is presented in a brightly colored visual style making what’s happening on screen obvious to the player without it becoming lost in the background. There is nothing groundbreaking in it’s presentation or it’s sound, it is after all a casual game and like many of my casual games, it’s usually played with the volume off. This doesn’t stop Chicken Frenzy from standing proudly next to other greats such as Cut the Rope.

Although not a widely popular game… yet, it is one of the better games hidden away in the mountains of trash found on the appstore. Forgetting the poorly tied together story but getting down to core gameplay, amount of levels and variation available to the player, Chicken Frenzy is a good game and worth every cent, or penny if you prefer.


Chicken Frenzy is out now for iPhone for $0.99. Get it on the Chicken Frenzy

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