Cartoon Wars Gunner

Cartoon Wars: Gunner has a much more arcade feel then the original.  In it, you control not an army, but one stick. You must fight off waves of enemies single handedly using magic and whatever weapons you’ve aquired. Where in the original Cartoon Wars you had the swordsman, ninja, rifleman, mage, and others, in Gunner you could be any of them and more. Perhaps you feel like wielding a pistol? perhaps a bow and arrow? how about a rocket launcher? if you pay for it, it’s yours!

As in the first game, you can upgrade your weapons. as you upgrade them, you unlock various active and passive abilities to be used, as well as upping their speed, power, and range stats. While some weapons are mobile, there are a couple which can not move while firing.

I found that the gameplay of Gunner was more conductive to quick periods, as the rounds are a bit shorter and if you are interupted it will save your state so you can come back later. The controls are simple and easy to learn, with the standard analog pad to move and then drag left or right on the right pad to shoot left or right.


Overall, Cartoon Wars: Gunner is a LOT of fun, and it’s definately worth the $.99 charged

Cartoon Wars: Gunner – $.99

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  • Justin Grubbs, USA

    one image in this gallery is from the original, but the program I used to do the review is buggy and glitched. it will be out of the gallery asap


    I like this game a lot.