Cartoon Wars

Cartoon Wars is a tap defense style game, in which you must save your castle from the onslaught of enemy units. It immediately grabbed my attention because it reminded me of the random .gifs of the stick figure beating the hell out of a door. My theory is that this gif is showing what is taking place at the base of the enemy castle as you siege it. It does take forever to take that tower down sometimes.

You get gold, you’re able to upgrade your units, up to level ten each. the basic swordsman you start with ends up becoming Robin Hood, and the newgrounds-esque golem will end up a big ol’ killing machine. Along with your unit upgrades, you can also upgrade your castle and other aspects of your army.

This style of game has been done before, so the gameplay isn’t anything new, however the art style of your fearless stick soldiers is quite charming. This game doesn’t get old. In fact, I’ve not gotten bored yet, and I just finished unlocking and upgrading everything. I’m curious to see how far I can go before I just can’t beat it anymore. The controls are easy and not at all confusing. you have two arrows for the angle of your crossbow’s fire, a fire button for it (as there is friendly fire, and you don’t want to shoot your own units,) and then the buttons to recruit new units.


Cartoon Wars is a lot of fun, and the art style is playful and fun. It’s definately worth the dollar it’s listed at.

Cartoon Wars – $.99

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  • Justin Grubbs, USA

    one image in this gallery is from gunner, but the program I used to do the review is buggy and glitched. it will be out of the gallery asap