Carnival Games Live Quick Review

Carnival Games is an excellent time-waster. There are four games, skee ball, basketball, whack a mole and a shooting gallery. Throw in pass-the-device multiplayer, and that’s it. There’s nothing really deep about this game. It’s all in the presentation.

The whole game is crafted to look home-made with colorful cardboard cutout scenery and strands of Christmas lights for decorations. It’s all very well-done and charming.

The controls work well with swipes to throw skee balls and basketballs, and taps for the shooting gallery and whack a mole.

Each game has levels marked by increasing complexity and difficulty. For instance, in later basketball levels, a monkey appears and tries to block your shots. After all, monkies and carnivals are made for each other. The levels are fairly easy to get through, but there are dozens of achievements to unlock.

For what it is, I have only praise for Carnival Games Live. If you’re looking for a great looking distraction, give it a try.

Carnival Games Live
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