Carmeddon hands-on Video

The classic that was banned around the world in the 90′s is back, and at an AppStore near you this October…

If you’re idea of fun is running down innocent members of the public then you’ll be happy to know that the original Carmageddon is hitting iOS device on October 17th. It’ll be free for the first 24 hours and then available at $1.99 (£1.49)

It’s pretty much exactly how I remember it, only with improved visuals and extra features. It was never a looker of a game to start with, but now things have been tweaked, for example improved lighting. Controlling your car is how I remember it too, good and bad. It always had a feel similar to driving on sheet ice, and unfortunately things haven’t really improved – in fact with the touch controls they may be worse. But, being out of control is kind of the point really, so don’t go expect this to handle like Real Racing!

A pretty cool feature, is being able to at anytime pull up a action replay, and view your carnage from various angles and speeds. It’s more fun doing that than actually playing the game properly in my opinion.

Check out the gory review from Torbjörn here. In the meantime you can check out our very own cunning stunts right here in our hands-on footage:

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