Candy Boy review

A sugar rush straight to you brain! Candy Boy combines match 3 game play with some wickedly floaty platforming antics. All this takes place in a land made out of candy, chocolates and other high calorie snacks. Our hero is Casper, a candy boy in a candy world. One day the worms have attacked this sugary world, and Casper has to restore the order.

Candy Boy is a platformer match 3, and it is a really fresh take on two crowded genres. For each level you get a puzzle to solve that takes both brains, and some jumping skills. This is because of the extremely twitchy behaviour of Casper. A jump can be anything from short to quite long depending on speed. Judging, and predicting is really hard. Often just getting to the actual puzzle elements is a harder challenge than solving the puzzle. This makes me feel rather stressed out since I don’t want to retry the jumping bits if he match 3 fails.

img_4405The controls are quite straightforward for any platformer. Buttons to walk left and right, and a jump button is standard. There is also a drop button that allows you to match worms. As mentioned the controls are kind of sketchy, and Casper is certainly no Mario in this department. It is still manageable, but only just. Retrying a level because of dying because of the hard to nail platforming bits soon becomes a nuisance. I rather retry because I mess up the match 3 puzzles, as those are more predictable.

I have complained quite a lot about the controls, but there are still a lot of great things about Candy Boy. The level designs are overall really good, and there is a constant sense of progression with new aspects added. With over 100 levels this is a game providing immense gamelife at a mere buck. It also comes with Game Center and Open Feint integration.

img_4406The presentation in Candy Boy is slightly psychedelic, highly cute and overall really polished. Salvador Dali seems like an apparent inspiration to the backgrounds. Some might be turned off because of the cute nature of the art style, but in my opinion it is so well done that it works. The music is also cute, but not that well made. To me it became rather annoying quickly, and almost suffocated me with sugary cuteness.

Candy Boy was a real surprise to me in a truly positive sense. It merges two genres almost seamlessly, and manages to keep the formula fresh for hours. The slightly sketchy controls at times disturb the gameplay. In the end it is still an easy game to recommend to both the casual gamer usually into match 3 puzzlers, and the hardcore MeatBoy platformer fans.

Final Rating


Candy Boy $0.99
Version: 1.01
Seller: Color Box Software Company

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