Can Knockdown 2 – Quick Review

There is something about knocking down cans that is always enjoyable. Can this same simple joy be successfully translated to iPhone? Read on to find out.

Can Knockdown 2 is a very simple physics game. Within it there are three different mini-games that you can play. The first one is a targets game. The idea is that many targets will come up and the player needs to hit those targets. Depending on where you hit it, will depend on the amount of points you will receive. Getting an all important bulls eye will increase the multiplier.

The second game is a “hit the cans” kind-a-game. There is a set of cans and the player has to use the ball to tumble the cans down. The physics in this one is pretty outstanding. The way the ball reacts with the cans is just jaw-dropping, helped a lot by realistically rendered graphics. Again, this one has a multiplier. The multiplier here is all about taking down all the cans with only one shot, the first shot.

The third game is the one I enjoyed the least. Different cans are thrown on the air from different spots in the map. The objective is obvious: hit the cans while they are in the air. This one was the hardest to get used to, it was definitely a very tricky one.

In the end, Can Knockdown 2 is a pretty neat physics collection of canned mini-games. The graphics are pretty beautiful and the physics effects are definitely the highlight. The only negative thing about it is the lack of variety. Three games just doesn’t seem to be enough to make me want to come back more than a few times, and so, it becomes a bit of a one hit wonder.


Can Knockdown 2 is out now for $0.99

Here is the official trailer:

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