Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies out now

The Sequel to Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies is hitting iOS devices this Thursday, December 1st. Based on the Zombies mode from Treyarch’s best-selling console hit Call of Duty: Black Ops, and adapted by Ideaworks Game Studio, it delivers new gameplay types includeing the original Call of Duty: Black Ops map Kino der Toten, and 50 levels of Dead-Ops Arcade, with even more features, upgrades and maps to come. You can play solo, or battle it out in multiplayer mode with up to four people. Interestingly it includes a new voice chat feature, allowing for a little more strategy within your teams.

Look out for our review soon.

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  • MKplayer1start

    Awesome surprise release!

  • Sako Hamilton

    Yes agreed ! Big surprise ! Didn’t see this one coming :D voice chat! That means it uses game-center !!!

  • http://Touchgen David S

    YES!!!!i love zombies!!!keep it coming!!lol

  • pratik

    i am sorry..but the graphics look yuckyy

  • gh3ry0n

    Also available on EU Appstore.

    It’s really nice (bought it blindly), with only one map for the moment but more to come.

    There’re different game modes, including a top-down dual-stick shooter to be unlocked by finding coins… in through the menus (funny idea ^^).

    Realisation is good, but sound needs to be tweaked (too low) and gyroscopic controls should be modified to cope with Gameloft’s standards (where you physically aim is where you aim IG).

    If this gets enhanced the same way the previous one did (addition of multiple maps), it’s gonna be simply gorgeous.

    Oh and the stats are now all linked to gamecenter, instead of the previous self-charting system. Good choice if you ask me.

  • Sako Hamilton

    Yes good choice of adding game-center but it crashes a lot :( & the controls aren’t very well done, I look forward to updates soon.

  • ErekC34

    I think it has a potential of being a very great app(probably the best app in the appstore) but you can never play because it crashes before it loads the game. But the funny thing is dead ops arcade works for some reason….. So I hope there is an update like very very soon.

  • Riley

    When does Five, Moon, Ascension come out for iOS

  • Know it All

    Five is gay, ascension is coming out in a month or so, and moon is probably not going to be released. Call of the Dead should be the next map as it is in order of popularity. Forget about Five. It’s a worthless map.

  • Chris

    To stop the crashing, turn your iPod,iPad,iPhone completely off by holding the power button for 5 seconds and turn back on. This worked for me. And five is a great map once you find the way it works for you.

  • Alex

    Um Five is one of the best maps it should already be on there, id rather have that released than any other map, Ascension sucks its too easy

  • Jeremiah

    how do you get more maps for cod black ops zombies for ipodtouch im sick of the regular kino

  • mitchell

    how do you get more maps kino is getting really boaring.

  • Gstar

    Put five on thats the best map!!

  • Jaap

    When come THE new maps like moon or something

  • Calvin

    Five and moon aren’t coming out (not yet at least). But call of the dead will be after ascension. You can find out by going in the app, go to Acsension, then switch to more maps coming soon. But while looking at the box at the top. You’ll see for a split second it says “call of the dead”. So go check. Ps I do want moon to come out on iPod but not five.

  • Calvin

    And a lot of you guys are kinda being selfish. You know treyarch is working very hard to be getting this map done. I mean they just got done making mw3. But Ive been reading a lot o websites lately and they said either late march or early april (ascension). And they are also working on call of the dead right now but it may come out when ascension comes out because in the more maps section it says more “surprises” so it could be. So you guys need to just relax

  • Levi7 7

    im getting sick of plain old kino. when is ancesion coming!

  • Seth

    on February 15 2012, scott charles, from treyarch, says that it would come in less than a week unless something like another bug occurs, i hope they make call of the dead next

  • Seth

    oh by the way i was talking about ascension.

  • Jarno Vh

    Call of the dead is next you can sea it for a sec. Wen you swipe in the ap too “more maps coming soon”

  • Jarno Vh

    Ill hope all the maps come out on ipod :D

  • Calvin

    Jarno that’s what I just said! No der it’s coming out next or why would they put the words Call of the Dead in it.

  • Calvin

    Yeah right! My ass! This app already lags with just kino. I can garentee that call of the dead is the last one.

  • Lithtunes1

    Treyarch isn’t A developer in mw3. Plus the modern warfare series just ended, and the next call of duty is going to be the last!

  • Giovanni iturbe

    Every map but five might come out(maybe) but i do hope five comes out

  • PrestonK130

    it sucks that waw did not lag at all for me but black ops lags alot

  • Sako Hamilton

    I agree with Calvin, it laggs with kino. Chances are all the maps won’t come. Especially moon. Unless they release some major bug fixes & memory consumption optimization. Single player runs fairly ok on iPod 4g but online play is way too laggy to the point that I do not even waste my time using it & the voice chat is horrible, mostly static ! Great game but good only for single player

  • Akullashark

    I heard activision said moon will not be on iOS and if it is comming it would be next year

  • Levirocks01

    this is fricken rediculous first they say ascention comes out in december then january then febuary then march!
    now this idiot expects me to believe it comes out tomorow!
    can you believe this!

  • Sako Hamilton

    Haha, no one knows, but I’m guessing in time for christmas :)

    Sent from my iPod

  • Calvin

    There is now a new name on game center named Fowski, and these are all treyarch workers so it’s gotta be coming out soon

  • Calvin

    It’s here!!!!! Ascension I out!!!! I’m Updating now

  • Cxgatto25

    The update was last night. Ascension was added

  • Altin_muriq

    when does cALL OF THE DEAD COME

  • speedydillard (on game center

    If you hate the crashes just go in to the multitasker (tap home button twice) and hold a app then hit the minus sign till there all gone then it won’t crash (do hourly)

  • Your mom

    I want call of the dead

  • Brett21

    Call of the dead come on

  • Leezam01

    call of the dead July 22

  • Calpol <3333333333

    Yeah I agree with u mate but whats the worst think is it lags but qr If u buy it u get be a zombie a couple time u won’t die

  • Jake

    I know right

  • Jello

    when is shangri la ,moon,and five come out for iOS

  • nuketown zombies

    when will the nuketown zombie map come out?

  • sako hamilton

    I’m very sure it will release on an entirely new app (if it releases)

  • jesse merlan

    does it cost to get new maps

  • jesse merlan

    its gounna be a black ops II app if nuketownzombies comes out

  • jesse merlan

    does it cost for new maps

  • bryan

    how do u play it