Caligo Chaser review

If you mix the old school run around the town to know what the heck is going on with a large dose of 2d brawling you get Caligo Chaser. Basically it is like mixing Chronicles of Inotia with Hybrid: Eternal Whisper.

I started playing the game a couple of months ago, but gave it up because of unresponsive controls. The 1.01 update gave the game a more lenient control, and allowed me to veer somewhat from the digital pad with my thumb. The digital pad for movement is found to the left, and attack buttons to the right. Still after the update the controls often fail to register correctly, and brawling never feels satisfying to me. Sure making huge combos with magical abilities is always fun, but it never reaches the level of intensity as Hybrid: Eternal Whisper.

img_0708The hub of the game is the town where you get to meet a lot of quirky characters. The ones with new information or quests are clearly marked. After an hour or so the game feels a lot like a chore though as you have to run around finding the next person to continue the story. The story also feels fragmented, and even after hours I don’t feel any connection with the characters or their problems.

img_0706Buying new stuff is fun, and there is some customization to be done. When you upgrade your hero you get to select from a limited number of stats. Upgrading skills is where the emphasis lies, and there are loads to select from. Furthermore the protagonist changes looks according to the equipment worn.

When you exit the town you can select where to go depending on which way you exited the town. The world map opens up more and more depending on your progress. I like this open take on progression, but seeing as the story isn’t really coherent or interesting to me it all becomes a matter of grinding away. Somehow the game went for arcade action only, and left the story on the drawing board. I would prefer to only have the action, or only have the walking around getting to know what is going on bit.

img_0742The presentation is really good with crisp visuals, and cool flashy effects. The music is a bit of a yawn fest when in the town, but great when brawling. Sad that it isn’t consistent as the menu screen heavy riffing really gets me pumped. You can only play your own music by overriding the game sounds completely using a headset or the double home.

Caligo Chaser is not a bad game, but it doesn’t grab me either. An RPG that doesn’t grab you isn’t really interesting at all in my point of view. Furthermore the uneven pacing hurts the game tremendously. It offers hours and hours of arcade RPG action, but there are better games offering the same out there.

Final Rating


Caligo Chaser $2.99 – Get it from Caligo Chaser
Version: 1.01
Seller: Com2us USA, Inc.

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