Cake Mania 3, Insanium in the Cranium

Cake Mania 3 (On Sale for $4.99)

Cake Mania 3 is appropriately named. About 20 minutes of the game you will heart beat will increase, your palms will get sweaty, and you will want to pull your hair out; but in a good way.

Cake Mania 3 is the third game in the established Cake Mania brand. It follows along the lines of other time management games like Diner Dash. If you like Diner Dash and other time management games you will love this game, if you don’t you will hate this game. It’s that simple, but in case you still are not sure, you can play a level online for free here or still read my review below.

820033_2When starting up the game I was impressed by the quality of the illustration and presentation. The game has great polish and lots of variety. The sounds are good, including some good voice acting and a peppy sound track. You immediately get immersed in the story and are compelled to help out our baking heroine.

I won’t go into the story, so basically, you have to run a successful bakery in 5 different worlds to save various members of your family. Each world has its own bakery and whole different set of shoppers which adds a lot of variety to the game. In the “hobbit” level for example you get to sever wizards, fairies, witches, and robin hood.

To run a successful bakery you will need to feed customers in escalating waves. You will give them a menu, bake thier cake, frost it, and delvier it. If you mess up you can throw away the cake or set it on an optional display for someone else to buy. Each step in the process requires you walk to a place to push a button or pickup a cake. Then you  have to wait for the action to complete.

img_0008After each level you also have the option of buying different accessories or upgrading your baking equipment. The upgrades will make your cakes bake or frost faster. The accesories allow you to do things like take more orders or offer tea for long waits. There are a ton of upgrades and variations you can toy with making this part of the game very deep.

The game has no real flaws in graphics, sound or gameplay. The only thing that bothers me about the game is the game itself. I’m not a big fan of time management apps because they end up feeling more like a job and less like a game. However, as I mentioned up front, if you like this sort of game you will probably love Cake Mania 3.

Graphics & Presentation
There’s no 3d or fog effects, but the drawings in this game are detailed and charming. The good art really adds a lot to the game.

The sound is good, not great. Perfectly adequate for this type of game.


Even though this type of game is not my favorite, you really couldn’t ask for better gameplay out of this game.

There are a lot of customers to feed, and a lot of cakes to bake. You could spend an eternity playing this game.

Game Rating
I’ll say it one more time. If you like time management games it doesn’t get much better than this. If you don’t already like this this game won’t convert you.

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    I don’t like these sort of games but I guess I’ll buy it because my little brother loves them.

  • Nacho

    don’t do it, he’ll be playing on your iPhone for hours on end!