Buster Boy Quick Review

Buster Boy is a poor attempt to remake the Capcom arcade classic, Buster Bros. for the iPhone. Although I understand that the exact look of the original game can’t be duplicated for copyright issues, this game doesn’t really do anything that made the original game even semi-enjoyeable. On top of that, there is no save or continue feature, so if you get a call while playing this game, so long top score!

I’ll be honest, the original game wasn’t all that great anyways, so it would have been nice for Buster Boy to add a new spin to things. The gameplay has you tilting your frantic boy to avoid being crushed by giant balls, all the while tapping the screen to try to get the little spring thing to work. The only joy in the game game when I got a contra-esque spread fire power up, which lasted about 2 seconds until I got hit again and lost it.

Presentation & Graphics
OK static image backgrounds. OK sprite animation on boy. Not much else to talk talk about. Nothing special here.

Music is actually really good… but what about sound effects? There aren’t any.


Far to difficult and buggy to enjoy. Perhaps this would have been saved by the ability to continue at a certain level. Perhaps this game would be more enjoyable if  it actually let you shoot when you want to. (And yes, I realize you can’t shoot multiple times without a power up… that lets you do it twice.)


You play until you die. No continue. Nothing to unlock.

Game Rating


With so many great new games on the app store recently, it’s actually weird to see one like Buster Boy. This game really could have been fun. Unfortunately, with controls that don’t react, no way to continue after dying, and lack luster visuals, this game may just burst your bubble.

Buster Boy – $.99

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    not going to buy this!

  • iPGN-Nige

    Based on the outcome of this review Legend, I really don’t blame you. What a poor effort by the developer!