Burning Monkey Casino Review

Review by Dave LeClair

Dude, your monkey is on fire, you should put that out. Burning Monkey is a fireman simulation where you have to extinguish flaming monkeys. No, not really it’s a casino game feature lots of different games like slots, poker and blackjack. It’s a very good casino game with some interesting little characters that you can play as. It’s a solid casino game, and if you are looking for a bunch of these types of games jumbled into one this might be worth picking up. Read on for the full review.

So burning monkey casino is a very light, fun, take on the played out casino genre. The iPhone is loaded up with casino games, so it’s pretty nice to see a dev. put their own cool twist on it. They added in fun little characters, that really don’t do anything, and for some unknown reason, they rub me the wrong way. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like the characters. I can’t really fault the game for it, but it’s just my preference.

The game offers a bunch of different casino games, so I’m going to do brief little reviews of all the casino games individually. So let me kick right into that:
Slots- It’s slots, there isn’t too much I can say about it. You can change the rules and variants of the game which is nice, adding in holds or changing the number of reels you are using. Once you decide on the game variances you set your bet and spin. It’s a good representation of slots.
3 Card – This is that game you see hustlers playing on the street where they show you 3 cards and they tell you to follow one as they move all the cards around. I found this to be my favorite of all the games here. You can change it to casino rules or street rules. I spent the majority of my time playing this, and if you have a decent attention span you can win it pretty easily.
Poker – This is your standard video poker, you are given 5 cards and you have to make poker hands Jacks or better. You choose the card you want to hold and it deals a second time and if you win it pays out based on the hand and voila, Poker.
Scratch and Win- This is a very odd choice, it’s a scratch game like you buy at a gas station. Seems like they were reaching for something they could add in easily and this was what they came up with. It’s not bad to play, just doesn’t seem like it needed to be there.
Black Jack – This is a pretty good representation of Black Jack. It’s nothing special, and there are better versions out there, but as part of the total package it fits in just fine and is pretty fun to play, but seems a little harder to win they rest of the games.
Money Wheel- This is kind of like Roulette I guess. You bet on a number and spin a wheel. Different numbers have different odds. The thing I don’t like about this mode is that you don’t get to actually spin the wheel yourself, you just click play and it spins the wheel for you. It would be nice to be able to determine the power of spin.
Pachinko- This is like that game on the Price is Right where you drop a ball down into a bunch of pegs and hope it lands into a high money amount. It’s ok to play, but when you click play the game just drops the ball for you, so you can’t really tweak it to make it land where you want. Because of this it feels like there is no skill involved at all.
Lounge Act – This is pointless, it just shows a dude pop on the screen and sing I guess, it’s pointless and I don’t see why it’s there.

Speaking of the Lounge Act, he pops up arbitrarily while you are playing any of the various games, and it is really annoying. I wish this didn’t exist because it just annoys me to no end. So I say, singer guy, go away and let me gamble in peace.

Graphically the game is pretty simple cartoon style graphics, and they look just fine. The art style is nice, but for some reason the look and feel of the game rubs me the wrong way, and that’s not to say the same will be the case when you play it, but for me, I just didn’t enjoy the visuals.

The sound in the game is pretty good, you get a nice cha-ching sound whenever you win a game and it’s pretty satisfying. Overall, there is no complaint I can make about the sound in the game, I found it added to the casino theme very nicely.

Overall, the game offers a lot. There are a whole bunch of casino style games packed in so there’s a good amount of replay value. Most of the games are pretty good, but some are just passable. If you are into casino games, it’s a good pickup.

Presentation and graphics
Decent looking graphics, and a cartoony art style, which for some reason kind of bothers me, but thats just a matter of taste, technically speaking the graphics are fine.

Decent enough sound effects, but nothing that is going to blow you away, the lound act being annoying kind of brings the score down a little though, otherwise the sound is pretty good.


Decent casino game’s in here, very easy controls and if you love casino games there’s a lot of fun to be had in this game.

Even though a lot of the games feel like they lack any need for skill, there is a lot of casino games here, so if it’s your thing, there’s a lot of play in here.

 Game rating

Final word
A good amount of casino games packed in here, but I find the art style to be a little annoying. Most of the games lack any skill as well. Still if you are into casino games it’s worth picking up.

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