Burn The Rope Quick Review

Burn the Rope is exactly what it sounds like; you have to burn a rope. Don’t fool yourself; burning a rope can get quite hard sometimes.

What makes it challenging is the fact that the only way the flame is going to burn and not run out, is if it is going upwards. If you leave it going downwards for a few seconds, it will turn itself off and you will lose.

burntherope2There are over 80 different kinds of maps, or rope shapes, that the player has to burn. The player can decide where he/she would like to start burning, and the flame will go both ways separating that section in two. All the player has to do is turn the iPhone in order to keep the flame burning up through the whole rope. There are different kinds of rewards depending on how much rope is left. Burn a lot of it and you will receive a bronze medal, burn a little bit more and you receive a silver medal, but burn it all and you will get a gold medal. And yes, you have to burn the whole rope. Leaving a tiny fracture of rope will still count as a silver medal. So you will really need to earn that gold medal.

Adding to the difficulty of the game are the colored ants, bugs and ropes. By burning the ants the flame will change to that specific color and when the flame is in that color, only then, can you go through the colored rope with that same color, and only then can you kill the bug with that color. Bugs also count as the percentage of the rope burning, so make sure to get those things.

If you aren’t scared or ashamed of turning your iPhone around while in public, then this is a definite must buy. For only $0.99 you will find yourself with countless hours of fun.


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  • beatdown

    Pretty cool game!