Bulba The Cat – Review

A jumping cat looking for some sushi; is there more explaining to do? Not really. Is it more complicated? Indeed.

The idea of the game is to use a cat in order to grab X amount of sushi rolls to finish the map. The cat though, is always jumping and between you and the sushi rolls, there is water and a lot of obstacles. All the player has to really do is tilt the iPhone in any of the four directions (front, back, left or right) in order to move the cat to wherever he desires. Of course, it isn’t that simple.

The first thing that adds to the difficulty of Bulba the Cat is the mere fact that the cat is always jumping. Controlling a jumping cat is kind of difficult and sometimes getting the exact timing will prove to be a challenge all by itself. Adding to this though, is the fact that there are external obstacles around the way. Be it a windmill that will push you off the map, or woods that will knock your cat or simply the fact that the landing area is pretty small.

bulbathecat1Although the camera angle is one of the plus sides of the game, it is also one of the downsides. Let me explain. What is really good about the camera angle, and the way it works, is the fact that it feels pretty real. It feels like the columns or even the cat will pop out of the screen, very 3Dish. What makes it a bad camera angle though is the fact that sometimes it is hard to see where you have to go. I do understand that it is part of the challenge to figure out where the heck you have to go, sometimes it is too hard to really figure it out by yourself and you will find yourself jumping towards the water to see if you can find the next place to go to.

Both the music and the graphics are pretty good. The music is good enough that it doesn’t distracts the gamer from the whole perspective of the game, but it actually immerses you within it. The graphics on the other hand, are cartoonish and sort of childish but they do their job. It fits the setting of the game pretty good.

Of course, what every gamer wants to know at the end of the day is: Is it long enough? Is it worth it? Well, it is long enough. There are over sixty levels to choose from and they all have their own set of difficulty. I must admit though, the first few levels were way too easy. They are done this way to let the player get a hang of the game though because once the game gets to level 15 or so, things start to get really interesting and sometimes some thinking is needed in order to determine which the best path towards a sushi roll is, or even how to get there.

Overall the game is pretty fun and it is a little bit original. And yes all of that is true and great but sometimes the game felt too child-like. It seems like it will be a definite fit for children ages 6-10 or so. So if you have children, buy this one. If not, you might want to look somewhere else.


Here is the trailer:

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