Bugs Shot quick review

Bugs Shot is a solitary curling game featuring ladybugs and flowers. There are a number of flowers you have to place a ladybug on. Flowers and ladybugs have different colours, and you have to place a blue ladybug on blue flowers. The closer to the centre of the flower the ladybug lands the higher the score. You aim and decide power of each ladybug by means of touch controls.

Bugs Shot is fun and addictive. There are 20 levels featuring more and more flowers as you progress. Once you finish the 20 levels you get a score you can upload to an online leader board.

img_0219Controls are really good, and once you learn how the amount of power relates to distance travelled you will be able to pull of precision shots. This is not a game of luck, skill is essential. Strategy plays a role when you are running out of ladybugs after a couple of missed shots. Just like in curling you can hit an already played ladybug to get it closer to the centre of the flower. You can choose which colour to shoot, it is always best to focus on flowers furthest away first.

Graphics are clean and colourful, and the ladybugs are cute. Would like to have some kind of damage or wear showing on ladybugs if you hit them too hard. I am not in favour of cruelty to animals but it would give the game a bit of graphical variation. No music but you can play your own. Sound effects are sparse, and lacking any sounds of the ladybugs. I don’t know if they chirp in real life but I would like them to chirp in the game. The game is still enjoyable as it is, just some suggestions I have to enhance the game.

img_0230The instructions in the game also need to get better translations. There are several problems with both grammar and spelling. The name of the developer is Dmitry Valov, and I guess the instructions are translated from Russian. This is just a minor problem as there is no story to read, just a couple of pages of instructions. You will understand how to play the game, it is quite straightforward.

This is one of the better titles at $0.99 in my book. It plays well, has online leader boards, cute graphics and is based on skill and strategy instead of luck.

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Bugs Shot $0.99

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    Cant believe it got a 4 star

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    Sometimes those simple looking games are those that plays the best.