Buggled Quick Review

Review by Matt Dunn

It’s a game where you press and release your fingers on bugs as commanded. I started off skeptical, and left off totally addicted. Hmmmm……

You press and hold a bug, they move around, you hold another, and another… and sometimes you have to stop

The different leaf backgrounds are quite beautiful.

holding a bug! Doesn’t sound too exciting. Well, frankly it’s not very exciting. But this game is fun! It’s basicalyl Twister for your fingers. The graphics are great, as well as the sound. The thing this game lacks is any extra features, which in turn makes it a very pretty throwaway game.

Presentation and Graphics

Excellent animation and beautiful leaf backgrounds give Buggled a very professional look.


No background music, but sound is high quality and works well.


Addictive, and fairly challenging. Unfortunately, you have to play this game on a table, unless you have others join in, which could actually be a pretty great way to play this game!


No options. No leaderboard. No other game modes. You can beat in one sitting without much of a big challenge. Unfortunately, there’s not a big reason to come back to this game when you’re done. Game only records one best time.

Game rating

With more features, Buggle could really be a high ranking game. Unfortunately, at the moment there is nothing to make this title memorable, or one that you’ll come back to after beating it. Granted, Buggled is a lot of fun to play, and could work well as a little “finger Twister” party game. At only $0.99, it won’t empty your pockets for the brief experience.

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