Brutal Fantasy – The Orcs of Undermountain review

Mayhem, utter mayhem. Brutal Fantasy is all about maiming, killing and humiliating the orc army. You are the silent knight of the Blue Guard, and your mission is to stop the uprising. It isn’t your fault that you find it really enjoyable wading in blood.

Brutal Fantasy is a beat em’ up viewed from the side. It isn’t scrolling, and the levels are limited to a short stretch of road about five screens in width. There is also some freedom of movement in depth. The controls are all touch based with a virtual keypad for movement. A shield button lets you use the shield even when moving. There is a melee attack button, and a magic attack button. Finally you can change the active magic by tapping the icon found in the top right corner. I really enjoy these controls that are both responsive, and capable of letting you actually become better at the game.

img_3197A level ends when all enemies has been eradicated. Battle is a lot about button mashing, but also about choosing which enemy to attack first. There isn’t that much variety when it comes to the enemies, but there are melee, ranged and magic enemies. Killing them in the correct order is important otherwise an arrow in the back can end your combo slaying club wielding orcs.

You level up as you fill up the experience meter. There are a selection of attributes to enhance, but it is hard to see any instant effects from an extra point on any of the attributes. New magical powers are unlocked, as you go through the story mode. Between levels you also get a shop to spend your hard-earned cash on. If you don’t want to grind to get the best weaponry you can buy extra in game cash using IAP.

img_3198The graphics are really cool, as they are hand drawn by Joel “Drakxxx” Rose of fame. Loads of blood, guts and dismembered arms drawn in a cute D&D kind of style. During the story mode you also get quite a few well drawn pages of comics. I have had some slowdowns on my iPhone 4 when the game enters “Orc Rush” with a zoomed out view of a lot of orcs attacking you.

The music is excellent ranging from a doomed jazz main menu theme to cool tribal drumming. There are some rather snazzy sound effects as well that suit the action perfectly.

After 20 levels of story driven slaying the story mode ends, and continues with an endless mode. To me this made no sense, and it was hard continuing the game for the score alone. The story mode took me about two hours to complete. High scores, and achievements go through Game Center.

img_3199I have had some really fun hours slaying orcs in the stylish, blood-filled brawler that is Brutal Fantasy – The Orcs of Undermountain. Great controls paired with a unique presentation make for a good experience that sadly ends too soon. Try the prologue if you feel hesitant, otherwise just take the $1 plunge right away.

Final Rating


Brutal Fantasy – The Orcs of Undermountain $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Iskandar, Inc

Brutal Fantasy Prologue Free

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