Brothers in Arms 3 video walk-through

Brothers in Arms 3 goes Epoch at E3…

While Modern Combat 5 was getting the lion’s share of attention in the Gameloft stand at E3, another shooter was also posturing for looks from the sweaty games press…. Brothers In Arms 3.

It feels like an age since we gamers were back on the fields of Europe taking out the Nazi’s, what with all these modern warfare shooters flooding the market. And so, while I’d never like to see the real Nazi return, it was nice to be back in the simpler days of the shooter, where it was all about pistols and machine guns, and not laser sights and drone strikes.

The sad news here though is that the main gameplay mechanic has strayed from its First person roots and gone all Epoch on us, that is that now the game has become less about free-roaming and run-and-gunning, and instead more of a touch based shooting gallery. Having said that, Epoch was a pretty darn great.

Check out the following video where we were guided through the game by Gameloft, as they show us the gameplay mechanics, some great looking visuals running on an iPad, and a killer looking kill shot.

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