(Updated) Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front

Last week we got hands-on with a few titles at Gameloft. One of these being Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, the sequel to Hour of Heroes released back in July of 2009.

Hour of Heroes was a port of the DS game, and a third person, over-the-shoulder shooter like Gears of War. Global Front on the other hand has been built from the ground up for iPhone and iPod Touch and features the more familiar first person presentation. Not only that but it features over twice the gameplay from 3 hours to 6, with the majority of it’s 13 levels taking you around 25-30 minutes to complete. Online multiplayer has been added too, using Gameloft’s Live service used in Modern Combat Sandstorm and NOVA. New for Global Front though is Cooperative Multiplayer, allowing you to run through each of the 13 levels with a friend, a feature that you would usually only see on the consoles. (UPDATE: Gameloft have confirmed that coop play will not be available on release)

Like it’s predecessor, Global Front continues with the theme of WW2, only this time taking a leave of absence from the shores of Normandy and hot footing over to the Pacific. As the title suggests you’ll visit other countries too, such as North Africa and Germany, in a bid to uncover the truth above your fallen brother, who has died from suspected foul play…. while no doubt kicking some serious enemy butt!

We played through some of the first level, and in keeping with Gameloft’s high production standards, the game is once again a looker. Far more detailed than the DS port of the first game, and up there with Modern Combat and NOVA as far as detailed models and textured environments. Strangely we could only play the game on a first generation iPhone, but despite a few instances of slowdown during the more intense battle sequences, it was still very playable. No doubt the 3GS and latest iPod Touch versions will look and play the best, and there is even added bloom lighting effects on these more recent devices.

The level opened with a voice over of a letter sent between two brothers, setting the scene for the action to come. Gameloft’s voice-overs in games are a bit hit and miss, but while it can sound cheesy at times and lacks the grittiness of war, it’s still good to see full VO in a hand-held game. Once in the game you find yourself in the grasp of two enemy soldiers, luckily for you your Sergeant parachutes in and takes them out, initiating the now common tutorial section. After learning the controls it’s off to hunt some Axis scum. The action seems to be more close combat than the previous game, with stealth being the order of the day, you’ll find yourself getting more up close and personal with the enemies in trench style set pieces.

If you are familiar with both Modern Combat and NOVA then you’ll be right at home with the controls, utilising Gameloft’s now standard array of virtual stick configurations. As always I’d recommend the left stick for movement, coupled with dragging your right finger around the screen for free look and firing. There are touch buttons for crouching and running, as well as iron sights for long distance attacks.

We came away impressed with what little time we had with the game, and feel it will no doubt be another solid shooter experience from Gameloft. The promise of co-operative multiplayer excites us most, especially seeing how well it worked with Call of Duty: World at war Zombies.

Expect the release in the coming weeks (mid-to-end February this year) for $6.99 (£3.99). In the meantime check out our hands-on video below:

(UPDATE: Video removed at the request of Gameloft until further notice, however these new screens were sent to us as a replacement… Gameloft have also confirmed that coop will not be available on release)

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  • Matt Allen

    Looks like a keeper

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    Oh man… I almost want Gameloft to continue to have bad voice acting… it made this that more entertaining.


    It has co-op, AWESOME!!!

  • Jas

    (UPDATE: Gameloft have confirmed that coop play will not be available on release)

    Translated as: it will never have co-op.

    Gameloft rarely keep a promise to add features.

  • Nigel Wood (TouchGen)

    it was stated in the press pack that it was. but now I guess it’s not ready. They did bring online to modern combat so well have to see

  • Gears

    awwwww come on gameloft…

  • some guy

    when i was reading this i thought man it would be cool to have co op with my brother so cod waw zombies is kinda old.and ther getting it!yeah.well i hope they do.but it will be a wait in line like for modern warfare 2 because gameloft is slow

  • Nabiel_aslam

    Tips for “the barnyard” mission:after takedown the patrol and heal the
    first soldier,stay in the barn and cutdown all hostile.After Hartley
    Commands you to heal the second soldier,take cover behind the logs first
    and carefully heal the soldier,then take over again.Then takedown the
    remaing enemy and fall back to the 2nd barn.