Briquid updated review

The old review is just blocky water under the bridge.

We seldom go back to update reviews, as it is hard enough to keep up with the constant flow of new games in the App Store. When a developer reaches out, and has used our review, as feedback on what to improve it is hard not to go back and re-evaluate the game. That is the case with Briquid, a game that I liked a lot when originally reviewing it. It had some issues though, and the developer has addressed most of them.

briquid-1-0-s-386x470-300x225For one there is now an undo button that lets you undo when a mistake has been done instead of restarting the level. This gives the game a better flow, and I feel it is much easier to experiment with solutions. Quite simply such a small addition has made the game more fun.

I had some concerns regarding the presentation, and this is an area where little has changed in the game. How I interpret them, and how the general view of graphics have changed though. With Minecraft, and the hundreds apps and games showcasing the blocky style of graphics it has become an established expression. The more I play Briquid the more I enjoy the idea of having blocky water. It might not always behave like water, but it isn’t supposed to either.

Other additions are achievements, and Game Center leaderboards that give the game some extra incentive to complete levels flawlessly.

Briquid has gone from being a product showing promise to a game that is easy to recommend to anyone into physics puzzlers.