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Fat people can be grumpy about their food, but compared to an obese alien with an urge for artery clogging sandwiches they are pushovers. Gourmo is the most grumpy, and most obese of them all and he has landed on earth. The Earth trembled in every sense of the word upon this. The brainiest of them all made sure right away to have a scapegoat: Jimmy Nugget ergo you. With a mission from the president to follow any craving of the green alien Jimmy sets out to create world saving sandwiches.

bring1BMS!! is a 2d platformer where you have to fill up a sandwich to a set height, or with a specific ingredient. In many regards it reminds me of Katamari because the sandwiches get larger, and you soon get to include the scenery in the humongous subway. Levels start out with you finding the order, and then you fill it up by first picking up small items. When you get to fill several sandwiches items get larger, and you can pick up enemies as well. Obstacles are everywhere in the shape of dogs, dynamite throwing Mexicans and crazed Italian chefs. The scenery itself is also challenging with cacti, and other sharp objects. Once the final sandwich is full you have to find the alien to send the order to Guormo. An arrow is really helpful guiding you along.

The controls are spot-on in BMS!! with three options for movement. Personally I never really get tilt controls for platformers, but they are there for those used to them. Touch controls comes in a slider, and on-screen buttons scheme. Both work really well, and Jimmy responds directly. A jump button is all you get, and that is easy to understand. Jimmy is no action hero, and a punch button would completely change gameplay. I like the avoidance needed to score well. The game gets repetitive, and after a while it started to feel a bit like a chore. Once a new world is unlocked new life is breathed into the game, but as it is mostly cosmetic the same sense of doing the same over and over sweeps over me. It is still a really fun game for the most part, but as it lacks the ordinary platforming challenges it never feels truly challenging. There are no wicked jumps to pull off, and no cool powerups to use.

bring3Levels are graded depending on time to clear, score achieved and number of spills when you get attacked. A golden loaf of bread is awarded for each completed task, and these unlock the next part of the world. Jimmy starts in USA, and then travels south to Mexico. Gourmo wants some tacos, and then he is in for both Japanese and Italian cuisine. It is a brilliant way to create new interesting worlds with new foodstuff, and localised enemies. I can see this spawn into Swedish meatball levels, British crumpet carnage bonus levels and wicked garlic stuffed frogs in Paris conundrums.

The presentation is bright, fun and polished. Adult Swim Games is maturing as a game publisher when it comes to quality. I hope they never mature in subject matter, as it is what sets them apart from EA, Chillingo, Bulkypix and Gameloft. The music is new wacky takes on the current part of the world, and can be slightly annoying at times.

bring2There are achievements, and scores through Game Center. There are also hidden space ship parts to find in each level. This lets you build your own spaceship, as you want to become the first Nugget in space. This is a game that you replay levels in both to achieve all goals, and to find the parts of the ship.

Bring Me Sandwiches!! is a fun platformer with a clear Katamari inspiration. With excellent presentation, spot on touch controls and a fun story it is easy to recommend. If Adult Swim Games keeps this level of quality up my bet we have a new major publisher for iOS to keep our eyes on.

Final Rating


Bring Me Sandwiches!! $0.99
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Adult Swim / Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc.

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