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Hey mate can you save me? I am kind of stuck here on the other side of the ravine. And yes I have been forced into a cage so I can’t do it myself. And well I am kind of a squirrel so I can’t do heavy lifting anyway. My name is Squirrel by the way, uncanny but true. Oh you can’t help me? What you are a walrus named Walrus? Darn it, we really need a bridge to get going. Hey who is that ugly sod watching us? Kamblad, ah it’s Kamblad out there, and his finger is moving closer. Oh, he built us a bridge by just drawing over the ravine, thanks mate. Always knew that Kamblad was a good, and upon closer inspection rather handsome guy to have around.

img_0037Well this is the game through the eyes of Squirrel, Walrus and the other seven animals found in Bridge Odyssey. The game is a bridge construction game where you have to help the animals pass over ravines. This is done by touching a build point, and simply drawing the bridge using as few pieces of plank as possible. To make sure the bridge is stable you have to reinforce it by making arches, and using the environment. At times there are hooks, vines and even the sun to affect the tide there to help you. To try your construction simply touch the button in the top right corner. To pass a level the animals have to pass without harm.

img_0039The game comes with 48 levels over 6 of the typical environments found in every game out there since Super Mario Bros. There are coins to collect, and a goal number of bamboo stalks for each level to achieve. Other than that there is no real reason to ever replay the game. I completed the game within two hours, and never really felt myself being challenged. My wife on the other hand has had trouble with the game due to not being as good at over reinforcing her bridges as me.

The graphics are bright and colourful, and I really enjoy the animal looks and animations. They are black silhouettes with just white eyes, and tusks when appropriate. It is easy to zoom in and out using the pinch in and out gestures. The music and sound effects are happy, and definitely suitable to the game. You can play your own music as well if that is your fancy.

img_0035Bridge Odyssey doesn’t bring anything new to the table, and the challenges found in the opening tutorial basically show you what you will see throughout the game. It doesn’t go anywhere even though there is plenty of things that could have been used more. The environment, and the sun/tide relationship could have been deeper. As it is now all challenges tend to be about managing to build using as little bamboo as possible. At a dollar it is hard to find a better polished product though, and the hours spent with it are definitely fun.

Final Rating


Bridge Odyssey $0.99
Version: 1.1.7
Seller: Gameloft S.A.
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