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Today is Valentine´s Day across the globe, and what better way to show it than gift Boy Loves Girl to your loved one. Sure it is a bit cheap at a dollar, but hey it is the thought that counts. With a game filled with hearts, casual easy to get into gameplay and an overall air of cute it can act as both an ice-breaker, and a reminder. A reminder that love is something you have to work on, and that is work that never ends. The rewards never end either if you nurture the frail flower of human emotion.

In Boy Loves Girl you take on the role of a nameless young man in pursuit of love. A young woman takes to her feet, and our male protagonist fetches the moon to give as a gift. Chasing different cute animals the road to love is long, and filled with clouds of sorrow. The basic gameplay is about guiding the moon up, and down out of harms way. The boy keeps running, and sends out happy emotions that you have to pick up with your moon. There are a lot of different obstacles that you tap to disarm, but most of the time a whole lot of dodging is needed. The touch controls work well, but I often find myself a bit distracted by the obstacles and forget to guide the moon.

The presentation is cute, and has a cool cartoon vibe made with a warm palette of crayons. There is no doubt in my mind that this will appeal to you loved ones, and the sound is also a pleasure to listen to. Game Center support has just been added to keep track of scores. With 50 levels the game comes with new objectives, and challenges instead of going for a survival runner design. For some reason the game never gripped me fully, but I have played a level a day for a couple of weeks instead.

Boy Loves Girl is a perfect start to a niche series that could include Girl Loves Boy, Boy Loves Bunnies and Girl Loves the Neighbour. For Valentine´s Day it is a perfect gift with an icon showing your love. It will of course work well at other times, as well and I think it is a good title to have in your arsenal of gifts.

Final Rating


As a gift on Valentine´s Day, birthdays and anniversaries the rating is:


Boy Loves Girl $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.4
Seller: Grubby Hands LTD


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